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Infor Erp Consulting Company

DESSS is a business consulting and IT services company that has a diverse business portfolio in the manufacturing industry across various segments. Infor CRM (formerly known as SalesLogix CRM) is an affordable, profitable CRM solution that helps your company to have a better performance. We offer Infor CRM software, support, and consulting. Our main objective is to help your company prosper. Infor CRM, (formerly known as SalesLogix) is the CRM platform of choice for companies strategically focused on customer engagements. SalesLogix is designed to deliver purpose-built, cost-effective solutions for the mobile world. Deploy in the Cloud, on-premises, or mobile.


Infor is a multi-national enterprise software company headquartered in New York City,  emphases on business applications for organizations offered via cloud computing as a service. Initially fixated on software covering from financial systems and enterprise resource planning (ERP) to supply chain and customer relationship management, in 2010 Infor started to put emphasis on software for industry niches and user-friendly software design. Infor expands its cloud applications through Amazon Web Services and various open source software platforms. Infor CRM, an award-winning, allows businesses to fully optimize the value of their most important corporate asset— customer data. Infor CRM’s excellent usability and versatile configuration skills let personalized user experiences, helping companies to guarantee adoption and productivity.


Infor CRM effectively deals with the request of every business to have a core for commercial operations by allowing the conception of rich customer profiles, offering total connectivity and integration, and enabling the mobile workforce. The application also provides robust data analytics and calculation of key performance indicators to let business to obtain a more profound comprehension of individual, team, and business performance. Therefore, businesses and organizations are able of implementing strategic decisions that impact main points in the most effective way. The best thing about it is that the vendor delivers quoted pricing plans, specifically it adjusts the price to suit the exact needs of your business.


With Infor CRM, it is simple to empower your mobile crew. The platform extends its valuable CRM functionality to smartphones and tablets, guaranteeing that your field personnel and mobile staffs have that strong and unique competitive advantage that can help boost productivity and significantly grow your business income. Customizable, secure, and easy to use, Infor CRM Mobile features an attractive, task-oriented user interface designed to put the most relevant customer information at users’ fingertips and enable them to perform key actions.


  • Create marketing plans
  • Track activities
  • Manage collaborative production
  • Control budgets and finances
  • Localize print materials
  • Manage digital brand assets
  • Access for everyone
  • No install the mobile version
  • Embedded CRM inside Microsoft® Outlook with Infor CRM Xbar for Outlook
  • Standard open APIs & integration options
  • Seamless integration with back office systems via Infor ION®
  • Modern architecture with an adaptable platform to meet unique company and customer needs.


DESSS Applying Technologies is an experienced and full-service Infor software consulting firm whose specialty is making the most of the power and potential of your entire Infor ERP investment. We estimate, optimize, monitor, and repair the complete suite as well as provide on-site, virtual, and Cloud-based solutions for total integration. Our extensive consulting experience has given us the expertise to provide you with administration and support, enterprise-wide modifications, custom interfaces, accurate installs, flat upgrades, conversions, a full range of managed services, and business continuity just to name a few reliabilities.

Are you a manufacturer who wants to reduce costs, improve processes and increase efficiency across your organization? If so, you need an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solution. Desss can help you resource to know more about ERP and decide if Infor can be of value to your business.

If you currently have an Infor ERP system, use another ERP software, or don’t have a manufacturing ERP system, at DESSS we’ve formed a team of professional industry professionals with decades of experience to help our clients implement their Human Resources, Financial, Procurement, and CRM software. Our knowledgeable staff can assist you in all stages of your implementation from selection to development.