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After you develop and launch your application, your system will face the challenge of handling thousands of user requests and operations concurrently. This action will cause a real challenge for the server, and it is essential to test the performance before some catastrophe occurs. Load testing will define the maximum load your system can take, helping you understand whether you will be able to reach your target or not. Also, Load Testing Consulting Houston will outline the maximum load your system can take while spotting the errors caused by overloads. This crucial testing type is essential for sites with extensive user databases, web applications, and gaming software.

At DESSS, our team of certified experts works with numerous industries and businesses of all sizes to provide the best-in-class load testing service. We've been at this for over ten years - so we know what it takes to meet your exact specifications. DESSS is keen on maintaining high quality, quick delivery, affordable pricing, and transparency, ensuring maximum convenience. We deploy the latest technologies, making sure to help you tackle any current software issues.

DESSS Load Testing Consulting in Houston helps you identify the system's response under fluctuating load circumstances. We offer end-to-end load performance testing services depending on your requirements, offering an optimal testing solution to verify your system's speed.

Is your application performing at its best under extreme stress? Get a turnkey Load testing solution in Houston. Test the sustainability of your software

What is load testing?

Load testing ensures that the system can handle the anticipated load from users. For example, if you want to test the performance of a mail server with thousands of concurrent users, load testing is the way to go.


At DESSS, we perform load testing on your application or website by simulating real-world loads. Using this method, we can measure such performance metrics as responsiveness, throughput, latency, etc., providing you with an in-depth report illustrating how your application has performed. By measuring these metrics, you can determine what system components are causing a slowdown when it comes time to scale. You can also assess the requirement of CPU time for load, the number of transactions your system can handle, and much more.

  • Reduces the likelihood of downtime

  • Improves the quality of an application's deployment

  • It makes it easier for developers to identify performance bottlenecks

  • Improves customer satisfaction

  • Website developers receive tangible statistics

Why Do Load Testing With DESSS?

If you are looking out for load testing services in Houston, make sure that you run load tests to ensure your system works properly under real-life load conditions. With DESSS, you get the confidence that your application will not impair your business.

Finding the Defects

Load tests identify performance bottlenecks and help you improve your system's performance. We'll recognize any errors before they happen with memory leaks, buffer overflows, and disk usage.

Ascertaining App's Capacity

Scaling your project for growth is unavoidable in today's world, but there are still things you can do to decide how to allocate resources. We can help you figure out whether to keep scaling up or find alternative solutions.

Check Your Infrastructure Adequacy

Have you already conducted tests to see how your infrastructure behaves under heavy load? You can also have thorough tests conducted before the launch of your app so that the launch phases go as smoothly as possible.

Mark the Ceiling

It is essential to test your app's limits before production. That way, you know that the system can hold up under the expected load. One particular type of testing we can help with is stress testing – part of our performance services.


We have been in the load testing business for many years and understand the nuances of this industry.

Actual Testing

Our team of test engineers can handle all your needs concerning load testing, performance testing, stress testing, and more! We know the appropriate methods and approaches for each type of test.

Extensive Testing Lab

The software testing lab at our company contains a wide range of hardware and accessories, along with a multidisciplinary team ranging from electronics engineers to machine learning specialists. The result is that we can test devices and AI skills in every imaginable environment.

Professional Testers

We develop careful test plans and cases for each project at DESSS. They determine the project's specifics, best practices for load testing, and execution ways.

DESSS Load Testing Process

  • Creating a Test Environment

  • Preparing Load Test Scenarios

  • Perform Testing

  • Reporting Results

  • Tweaking the System

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