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At DESSS, we have experts who use proven methodologies to offer some of the best practices in Magento, starting from architectural planning, module designing and developing, support and maintenance, and post-deployment services and health checks.

At DESSS, our team of experts employs proven methodologies to deliver industry-leading practices in Magento, encompassing architectural planning, module design and development, ongoing support and maintenance, as well as comprehensive post-deployment services and health assessments.

For those contemplating entry into the e-commerce arena, it's essential to recognize the challenges of the competitive field, such as store layout configuration, aesthetic design and implementation, GUI management, sales optimization, and customer service. Our dedicated Magento Consultants offer a solution-driven approach that empowers you to construct a complete, robust, and high-performing e-commerce platform, intended to propel your business to new heights.



When developing an online store, every decision made by your team carries significant weight. Our Magento experts offer invaluable architectural insights designed to optimize cost efficiency, save time, and ensure the sustained performance of your module. Our services extend to expertly validating your design, development, and deployment choices, with a focus on code optimization, efficient application deployment, and the identification and resolution of performance bottlenecks.

Customized module development

Customized Module Development

This step requires a deep understanding of Magento architecture, coding standards, and module effectiveness and dependencies. Our consulting services are tailored to assist you in crafting optimal and efficient solutions tailored to your online business requirements. Our process begins by meticulously assessing your needs, followed by the design and development of applications, seamless implementation, thorough performance evaluation, and, when necessary, updating enhancements.

Performance testing

Performance Testing

We understand the crucial role speed plays in the realm of e-commerce websites. Our team of experts specializes in assessing the performance of your e-commerce environment, offering actionable recommendations aimed at enhancing the speed and security of your online transactions.

Application health check

Application Health Check

When it comes to e-commerce applications and websites, optimal performance is key. Our comprehensive health check services encompass performance and configuration assessments, strategic recommendations, and a steadfast commitment to ensuring operational stability, security, and scalability

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