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Mobility has been accepted as the most troublesome technology confronted by companies today. Formerly, mobile devices have developed from just providing enterprise email and data on the move, to introducing applications and services that have the potential to change the way enterprises do business. Mobility can help companies control contextual data to reach out to their customers more effectively.


Mobile technologies today have unleashed businesses from their fixed location, cracked immense value, and released solutions to more help businesses. Companies are at the top of realizing the huge potential of mobility. But, enterprises encounter challenges in their journey to unlock the opportunities offered by mobile devices.


Mobility solutions programs open the door for new opportunities and ways of doing business, while other solutions address enterprise challenges such as sales force enablement and learning and collaboration. Mobility solutions reducing risk and achieving productivity improvements and cost reductions.

DESSS experts monitors a controlled evaluation and plan development to guarantee our mobility program endorsements ensemble to each organization's exclusive requirements.


DESSS assistances businesses develop global mobility programs to execute organizational, business, and smarts objectives. By the soon commitment of investor creation of crucial strategy ideologies and development of targeted mobility policies, DESSS helps clients to create and tool mobility programs that realize strategic purposes.


We can help your organization in all stages of a plan, from the study of the initial situation and the crucial phases to the meaning of the technical application and supervision system, as well as the publicity campaign or training actions between your employees and customers.

DESSS is equipped to connect your company to all platforms. Today, it is crucial to be able to direct your business activities in any place. You must navigate thru the whole global technology to be in the mainstream, suitable, and money-making. Mobility consulting is the essential tool to let you connect with a multitude of devices and systems in your business. With the arrival of the new mobility technology, the world has relocated from only checking emails and uploading data on the go, to make known to intricate applications and connectivity platforms which will have the main influence on how business is going to be directed from now on in.


Some features:


  • A mobility program built to empower business goals
  • Our mobility network design services guarantee supreme insurance, thruput and complete execution using the precise technology solutions for your network atmosphere.
  • A balanced infrastructure of mobility strategies.
  • Secure networks solutions, including warranty, maintenance, security posture updates, and all kind of support and renovations.
  • Enterprise Mobility Consulting
  • We offer training for your secure mobility solution, including device configuration, IPS management, mobility controllers, and routine of central management platforms.


The rapidity of change within mobile technologies, united with a variety of platforms and releases, has overextended the resources of companies. Mobility today display newer business opportunities, but handling mobile implementation has converted a much more difficult affair. Enterprises need to consider other models besides the old that they have been using to manage their IT and apply mobility-specific business models like on-demand provisioning, pay-per-use pricing, etc.

There are plenty of new mobile devices and operating systems incoming the global marketplace daily. Smartphones, tablets, Ipads, etc. have all impacted how consumers behavior their business. In favor of approach as a huge number of leads for your business, you must have an enterprise mobility solution. This lets you attract more consumers to your business, interact with more potential businesses, and open up new opportunities and markets to increase your business.

The team of DESSS is capable and well experienced to assume business process consulting and Mobility solution selection. Our cohesive DESSS Technologies-Mobile Structure would allow the client to the steady upgrade of the business process to a mobile platform and arise the operational efficiency.