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Since 2002, DESSS has been delivering excellent, customized Web Applications using PHP. PHP is an open Source Server Side Scripting Language used to develop dynamic, attractive websites that suit the requirements of the client. At DESSS PHP Application Development, we design and develop web pages that are active and non-static.



The following benefits of the PHP scripting language:

  • It is an open source scripting language causing it to be so easy to use.
  • There are many global users who constantly update this application, so it's very trustworthy and modern.
  • The website can be created with the client’s requirement  in mind, so customizations become very easy.
  • It’s very flexible.
  • Can work with databases like Oracle, MSSQL, and IBM
  • Does not need a license, meaning it's free to download and use
  • Can be easily implemented


  • Fast Results
  • The final stop for all application needs
  • Cost effective and convenient projects
  • Exemplary technological skills

DESSS, a PHP Development Company, provides PHP Developing Services to cater industries like Ecommerce, Retail, and Banking. We are proud of our dedicated team who are made of experts in the PHP Scripting Language. If you are interested in hiring our services, you can contact us at (713) 589-6496.