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DESSS can help to build complete software applications that help you visualize and analyze your data in compelling ways and resolve questions that are crucial to your business. The world runs on energy, and energy depends on technology. We are one of the energy risk management and trading companies, and if you're in need of Python consulting or development, we'd like to talk to you about how DESSS can help to resolve the problem and give the solutions.

As a Python Development Consulting company, we will define the systems and processes that drive your business needs. We will consult on your new business opportunities and will be able to work on projects ranging from pure technology to data analytics within our profit center.

We can help with the below technologies

  • Python

  • Django (Flask will also work)

  • Apache Cassandra

  • PostgreSQL or MySQL another SQL database (s)

  • NumPy

  • pandas

  • HTML / CSS or JavaScript

  • web scraping

Whether you have a data analysis problem that is hindering your progress or has a huge opportunity cost, an obsolete application you need to transition to a more transportable programming language for future-proofing, or you simply want a better interface for your data collection hardware,

Architecture: DESSS is comfortable working with your team to craft a design: choosing the appropriate technology and designing a solution that both answers the problem at hand, and stays within constraints.

Coding: Our team members never go post-technical. We think that it’s important for technical leadership to continue to code. Our clients don’t all work in one language or platform, and neither do we. As a consulting company, we’re looking for a breadth of experience in a lot of languages, and expertise in one or two: Java, JavaScript, and Ruby are high on our list.

Agile: We believe strongly in agile delivery practices, having implemented them for ourselves and our clients for a long time now.  DESSS is very comfortable working with Agile, Lean, and Continuous Delivery practices -- and loves it as much as we do.
For more than a decade DESSS has helped solve technical computing challenges in industries such as energy, consumer products, technology, finance, Distribution, and more.  DESSS understand the unique challenges faced by scientists, engineers, and analysts – because we’ve faced them too. Our domain aptitude and development expertise allow us to fill the gaps between data and insight, ideas, and results - translating your needs into solutions. All while achieving the highest value per engineering dollar spent.

DESSS is a leading application development and mobile apps development company. We develop custom web applications using Django, Python, and jQuery. We love building amazing apps. We have done it in the past. We are doing it right now, and we can do it for you. We have been working in Open-Source Technologies for the last 15 years and are acquainted with most real-world problems. If you want a team, I have a group of expert professionals to work for you.

DESSS maintains your projects on track by using agile methodologies. You'll know exactly where the project always stands and have full control over the priority of the deliverables. DESSS is a Houston-based Software development company with offices in Dallas, Austin, San Antonio, and Chennai, India.  We have developed Web 2.0 applications in Django, and written several run-time APIs. DESSS is a big fan of Python and uses it where appropriate.  DESSS has worked for over 200 clients, including NRG, BP, El Paso, RTUI, and Ajax Resources since 2002.

DESSS offers training and consulting services in the field of software development using Python programming language, computer network design, and administration. We offer highly scalable, distributed, and decentralized software design and implementation done in Python. Solutions that we suggest are multi-platform desktop and web applications with our personal touch of innovation. We specialize in real-time/embedded systems and all smartphone development. DESSS is a Tech company specializing in Python and dedicated to the scientific community and provides cost-effective coding solutions to students and professionals.

DESSS develops web applications in Python and other dynamic languages using agile methods (Scrum). We provide outsourced development services (we build social networks and other commercial web applications), specializing in business systems. DESSS specializes in solving large-scale technical computing problems with an emphasis on data management, analysis, and visualization. Backed by years of industry experience, Continuum’s highly trained consultants provide consulting services for clients in the energy, finance, defense, biology, medicine, and many other domains. Areas of expertise include big-data analytics, scientific computing, GUIs, visualization projects (web or desktop), and performance optimization.

DESSS implements complex information systems, using Python as the tool of choice combined with other appropriate technologies determined by the project goals and environment.

We can help in below areas:

  • Web Application Development

  • Mobile Application Development

  • New Website or Website Overhaul

  • REST API Creation

  • Deployment Services

  • Custom Content Collection

  • Custom Backend Services or Scripting


We offer all engagement models, including both dedicated team and turnkey product development. Get a quote here.