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In today's globalized, rapidly changing world, it is essential to adapt to new technologies to improve efficiency and increase value to businesses. At DESSS, we know the challenges and rising economies that have set a host of enterprise business solutions and initiatives to respond accordingly. DESSS has over a decade of experience in the development industry, which allows us to optimize a company's internal business processes. It can sometimes be challenging to convert ERP systems into meaningful reports useful for executive decision-making. QAD, powered by Microsoft, is a powerful tool to alter how you view data. We are experts in QAD implementation and have implemented it for many manufacturing businesses all over the globe.

DESSS's QAD consulting and support will ensure that you maximize your value, no matter if you are implementing from scratch, migrating into the Cloud, or upgrading existing versions.

Whether you are a new customer or an existing QAD customer, the goal is to ensure that your software functionality matches your business needs to maximize your solution's potential. DESSS's QAD Services is here to assist you in your journey to becoming an Adaptive Manufacturing Enterprise. We work side-by-side, from planning and design to implementation and management of your system.

Get in touch with us whenever you need:

  • Implementing new solutions or sites
  • Upgrading versions
  • Shifting to the Cloud
  • Optimizing your business processes, systems, and procedures
  • Customizing your solution for unique business requirements


Our cloud-based ERP solutions are low-risk, flexible, and reliable, and concentrate on industry-specific operations. Our QAD consulting in Houston can help you assess your business and create an ERP strategy (ERP) based on the calculated value that can provide tangible and intangible benefits to your company. DESSS's Professional Services Consultants employ the methods to facilitate the rapid implementation of QAD Adaptive ERP Applications. Our consultants' expertise includes a variety of QAD ERP Features that can integrate with third-party applications, as well as a range of add-on modules outside of Distribution, Manufacturing, and Enterprise Financials.

What is QAD ERP?

QAD ERP is cloud-based management software for small and medium-sized companies. This complete management system provides real-time data, including marketing and accounting information, to help you make faster, better decisions. QAD ERP provides the tools to help you run your business more efficiently so that you can concentrate on what is most important: your customers.

 What do you get with DESSS QAD ERP Services in Houston?

Software deployments are only possible if you have the right people to help you. These are what you can count upon when you work with DESSS's experts in Consulting and Transformation Services.

  • QAD Implementation Services – Our methodology and tools ensure efficient and effective QAD implementation. Implementation models include – Migration from the manual/legacy system into QAD and Migration from an existing application to QAD.
  • Progress 4GL Development Services – DESSS deploys several highly qualified and experienced technical experts. We are a part of Progress 4 GL Services and include the following functions - Adapting the QAD application to meet specific business requirements and developing new modules starting from scratch.
  • Application Maintenance Services – DESSS has the global experience and skills to support all QAD versions, starting with Version 7 up through QAD2013. Our experts are skilled in Manufacturing / Distribution and Finance, allowing them to manage QAD applications efficiently from start to finish.
  • Training Services – DESSS provides exclusive database training to customers' IT teams after implementation. We explain DB architecture, backup, restoration, basic troubleshooting, and performance tuning.
  • QAD Customization & Enhancements Services – DESSS offers superior application development services with coding standards that migrate to higher versions. Our certified professionals are experienced and work closely with customers to understand their business. We provide fast and effective solutions that fit within the clients' budget.
  • Database Administration Services – We offer 24/7 support for the following services – Backup and restoration, Code deployment, Tomcat, Web speed administration and Broker, Performance fine-tuning, Preventive Maintenance, etc.
  • QAD Version Upgrade Services – QAD customers often make extensive customizations that can sometimes cause problems with version migrations or increase the cost of migration. DESSS assists with customizations by retrofitting and streamlining complex customizations into more manageable patterns.
  • Database Migration Services – We handle the following migration types – Database migration between servers, Database re-indexing, database consolidation, and split


  • Plan
  • Design & Configure
  • Test & Accept
  • Deploy & Evolve

Why Choose DESSS for QAD ERP Services in Houston?

  • Effectual advice from QAD ERP-certified employees.
  • Training on software modules.
  • Expert setup of interfaces for data transfer.
  • Program enhancements using PROGRESS 4GL.
  • Qualified scheduling, implementation of version changes, and data transfers.
  • Competent maintenance of your application.
  • Customization using additional integration of products in your QAD ERP environment.
  • We help customize the ERP your way.
  • You can increase efficiency and reduce costs.

Do you have a problem that you want to solve with QAD ERP? Check with our expert team to see if we can help you! Please discuss this with us today!