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Take Control of Your Online Reputation and your customer reviews about your business.

We work hard to safeguard your brand and monitor your online presence so you can focus on growth and revenue.

Reputation Management  and Customer Reviews

Building a great online presence for your brand can be tough.

However, with a little help, it doesn't have to be. Our Online Reputation Management (ORM) solutions provide for a scalable set of services that employ technology, clever branding strategies, and experienced experts to maintain, improve, and also repair your online reputation.

We Fix It

Don’t like what you see in your search results?
We repair your online reputation by removing or burying undesirable content and boosting your online brand.

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We Build It

Control your brand’s online reputation through a scalable and customized approach that uses a bevy of tools that work together to improve and strengthen your online brand presence.

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We design our systematic and detailed approach to ORM for effective, long-term solutions.

Research & Analysis

We conduct in-depth research of the industries and competitors to collate valuable data from which we understand what drives existing search results. We also assess and study social media platforms to analyze what is shaping the opinions and the current outcomes of your brand.

Detailed Reports

This provides for an accurate picture of what could work for you, and what is working against. The level of details we go into gives us a comprehensive report to assess past and current trends while providing an outline of how we can move forward.

Custom Solutions

Our ORM solutions determine optimum strategies while utilizing technology to repair and build your online reputation. Our team of experts defines clear and measurable goals, metrics, and next-steps for success. We carefully craft the right messages and content through various channels and platforms to tell your unique and fascinating story to help you stand out in the crowd.

Working Together

You stay in the loop every step of the way as we put our solutions to work. Our expert consultants keep you updated through regular reports and discussions and are always just a call away. Access these reports to get a real-time snapshot of your digital reputation metrics and witness the change.

Dynamic Solutions

We constantly test our strategies based on reported data. We respond with new strategies to maximize your brand’s visibility and online reputation and reviews. We bring you insights from across industries to better inform our strategy and to deliver new ones, as your requirements change.

We are passionate about your brand’s online reputation

Our carefully researched assets and online content created for you will boost your brand reputation and also drive up the sales for your products/ services.

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Why choose Desss Online Reputation Management for your online reputation needs?

We are proud of what we’ve built at Desss and we stand by our ORM solutions because we built an answer to a common problem plaguing excellent companies and organizations out there.


We identify the pain-points and the key areas to focus on improving your online reputation. We also explore all avenues including legal options and work closely with you to determine the best course of action that your business requires.


We provide you with a customized, scalable approach to your unique business needs. We enhance our purpose-build websites, social media profiles, business listings, microsites, create winning PR strategies, improve blog pages, and other media properties under your business. If there is a requirement for additional digital properties to be set up and you do not have them yet, our team will help you with that.


We re-examine the existing results to look for positive outcomes and explore if/ how they can be improved. Once we have provided you with the online reputation management service, we can (if you choose) set up your business name for email notifications if anything negative should ever reappear online. 

We provide you with nothing but the best in Online Reputation Management solutions.

Take the smart approach to safeguard your brand. We are proud of what we’ve built, so

we approach your Online Reputation Management with the same level of attention and seriousness it deserves.

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