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SailPoint Identity Access Management Consulting Company 

Our SailPoint solutions help you maintain an enterprise level of control over your business by implementing Identities into your current systems. As a leading provider of technology consulting services, DESSS performs SailPoint software and provides support services. The IAM Consultant - SailPoint implements the Identity and Access Management (IAM) solutions leveraging SailPoint's IAM suite of products.

Compliance Controls:

  • Access certification
  • identity policy


Access Request and Automated Provisioning:

Ensure the right people have the right access to the right applications at the right time. Password Management: Allow users to reset passwords automatically while enforcing the corporate policy. Data Access Governance: corporate data is not 100% structured. You need to govern access to all.

We also do:

  • sail point integrations
  • Informatica sailpoint connector
  • workday integration with sailpoint


  • Maximize System Uptime
  • Hybrid Identity Governance Platform

Intelligent Analytics:

  • Identify Risks
  • Risk-aware IAM
  • Manage Risks


  • Data
  • Infrastructure
  • Applications


  • identityIQ
  • IdentityNow

DESSS SailPoint implementation team can work with your company to build a customized cyber strategy that provides informed threat intelligence and alignment. DESSS is your Identity Management and IAM consulting services expert for integration, advisory, and managed services. We offer remote or on-site consulting services for Oracle and Sailpoint Identity Management software solutions. Desss consulting team is responsible for delivering components of complex Identity Governance & Administration solutions including engineering. role responsible for performing system implementation and integration activities. DESSS has managed by principles with a combined Consulting and Corporate and 40 + implementations across fortune 500 and SailPoint products. Get a quote here.