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Do you want to own and create an online shop that uses Shopify? Do you want a Shopify website design process driven by proven strategies and quality benchmarks? Renovate your existing eCommerce portal with our Shopify Development Services. We are one of Houston's best Shopify Development Companies that help transform your customers' shopping experience in your online store. DESSS has over a decade of experience in Shopify development services serving clients from various industry sectors. Our expert eCommerce guidance and counseling are available to companies at every stage of the eCommerce website development or app development process.


Shopify ecommerce store Development Services Offered By DESSS

DESSS is a prominent Shopify development service provider that offers resolutions to clients all across the globe. We help businesses generate exclusive identities and sell their products online better. Partnering with us for Shopify development services can help you avail of high-quality services at cost-effective prices.


Technologies used:

  • RubyGems and Node.js packages
  • Elasticsearch
  • CDN (Content Delivery Network):
  • AWS (Amazon Web Services)
  • Kubernetes
  • Docker
  • MySQL and Redis:
  • Nginx
  • Ruby
  • GraphQL
  • SASS (Syntactically Awesome Style Sheets)
  • HTML, CSS, and JavaScript
  • Liquid
  • Ruby on Rails


What are DESSS Experts do?

  • Good knowledge of Graph API to query and manipulate data efficiently.
  • Used for version control, allowing developers to collaborate on code changes and track revisions effectively.
  • Extensive knowledge in Datadog, and Google Analytics for Monitoring and Analysis
  • Good experience with Ruby programming language is used for various scripting.
  • Good knowledge of Nginx web server software to handle incoming HTTP requests and load balancing.
  • Used Elasticsearch for powering search functionality in Shopify stores, making it easier for customers to find products quickly.
  • Good knowledge of package managers Ruby Gems and Node.js packages to manage and install third-party libraries and dependencies in Ruby and JavaScript, respectively.
  • Extensive experience in MySQL and Redis relational database needs and Redis for caching and improving performance.
  • Used Docker containers to package and deploy components and Kubernetes container orchestration and scale its containerized applications efficiently.
  • Extensive experience using Ruby on Rails to use Shopify's backend popular web application framework for rapid development.
  • Used Liquid templating language to customize the look and layout of online stores to create dynamic templates for product listings, collections, and other store components.
  • Well, verse using SASS (Syntactically Awesome Style Sheets) to enhance the styling capabilities of Shopify themes.
  • Used AWS (Amazon Web Services) to leverage AWS for cloud hosting, storage, and various other services to ensure scalability, reliability, and security.
  • Used CDN (Content Delivery Network) to accelerate the delivery of assets (e.g., images, stylesheets) to end-users, reducing page load times.

Our Shopify development services include –

Shopify Setup Services, Shopify Mobile App Development Services, Shopify Web Design and Development Services, Shopify Integration Services, Shopify Migration Services, Shopify Theme Design and Development Services, Shopify Chatbot Development Services, Shopify Extension and Upgrading Services, Shopify Upgrading and Extension Services, Shopify Maintenance Services

Shopify Development Process Followed at DESSS


We follow a defined process to deliver Shopify development services. The following are critical steps in our process


Gathering Requirement

Our expert team will discuss your needs in detail and engage with you. Our Shopify experts


Developing Strategy

We conduct competitor analysis and develop a strategy to help you with project development.


Project Planning

Our team plans the project in detail.


Designing the Project

We create the initial design for your project and submit it to you. We move forward with the project development once you have approved it.


Project Development

We use Shopify to develop the e-commerce store. The design and development phases are vital to delivering a sales-driven Shopify store and meeting your business goals.



After developing an e-commerce site is complete; testing commences to identify and fix any bugs or errors. We can create Shopify stores that are unique by incorporating rigorous testing, detailed documentation, and client feedback.



After fixing all bugs and errors, we position your e-commerce store in the live environment.



At DESSS, we offer 24/7 support and maintenance. Our Shopify experts monitor the performance of your eCommerce store after it is deployed to ensure that it runs smoothly.

Why Consider DESSS for Shopify Development Services with DESSS?

DESSS is a top Shopify eCommerce company in Houston that can meet all of your e-commerce Shopify development needs. We offer several advantages when it comes to Shopify development services.

  • Affordable Prices – DESSS's Shopify development services are highly affordable, and we offer the best value for money among all Shopify service providers.
  • Shopify Development Expertise – Our team is highly skilled in providing Shopify development services of high quality for clients around the globe.
  • Shopify Development Team - Shopify development team at DESSS is highly versatile and experienced. We make use of the latest trends to offer you the best services.
  • High-Quality Services – Our team is dedicated to providing the best quality services in a short time.
  • Excellent Infrastructure – DESSS's Shopify development team is based in state-of-the-art offices with full access to the latest infrastructure, including uninterrupted network connectivity and power backup.
  • Quick Turnaround Time – Our goal is to provide high-quality Shopify services at a rapid turnaround time and surpass our competitors. We leverage our time zone advantages as a vendor with a presence in multiple places to offer you services as fast as possible.
  • Scalability – Our team offers unrivaled flexibility and scalability. To adapt to changing business conditions, we can increase or decrease our headcount on your project.
  • Global Client Base – As a well-respected Shopify Development Company, we have made significant strides and have served various clients worldwide
  • Rich Domain Knowledge – DESSS's experienced professionals are familiar with Shopify architecture. They can help you cut through the noise and make your shop stand out.

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