Sitecore is a native .NET platform that wholly integrates all content management and digital marketing operations. It is also a modular system, permitting us to use only the features that fit a costumer’s requirements, integrate external systems without limits and customize almost any of the system’s conduct or performance

Sitecore sums programs from hundreds of agencies provide a faster search with personalization & secure multi-agency content management

Joining the flexibility and stability of Sitecore's enterprise-class .NET Web Content Management System with influential, marketing-centric tools, the Sitecore Experience Platform. Sitecore is a dynamic, powerful, results-driven solution.

Sitecore, a robust Content Management System (CMS), embraces an important position in the Gartner Magic Quadrant for Completeness in Vision, 2014. It has also been the chosen CMS provider for global entities and is aggressive in product development.

The Sitecore XP platform splits content from presentation, allowing you to proficiently remodel content thru several channels, devices and experiences. This indicates you can customize, re-customize, and change the look of your site and share content thru the company, with no effect on the content. Sitecore is a strong content management platform with integrated digital marketing functionality.

Each client faces their own single set of business, marketing, and technology challenges. When it comes to Sitecore, DESSS is intensely experienced in offering solutions for an all kind of business

The Sitecore Experience Platform (XP) allows government agencies to learn from citizen connections and visits on their digital belongings so they can involve in return with very effective personalized experiences. With all-inclusive digital marketing tools, robust web content management, and machine-learning-generated insights, Sitecore XP is a distinct integrated platform built to balance and extend your requirements.

The Sitecore 8 Experience Platform delivers an inclusive, integrated solution that uses external tools and databases to connect channels, engagement automation, and arrangement analytics.

DESSS, powers its 15+ years experience in CMSs and takes a complete suite of System Integration and Maintenance services to its global customers. DESSS can apply Sitecore to provide to the needs of companies, guaranteeing scalability, integration, and performance. 

We like Sitecore because it brings into line with our architectural standards for building scalable, modular websites and separating presentation from content so that user interface evolution does not affect with content or content operations.