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Virtualization Consulting Company

At DESSS, We feel that it is our duty to empower businesses and people through advanced technology and well-equip them to face the ever-growing business challenges. The IT world is going through a significant evolution, and we deem it a privilege to be part of that development. Virtualization in computing refers to the act of creating a virtual version of a computer hardware platform, operating system, storage device, and computer network. At DESSS, we offer a complete suite of virtualization services like consulting, training, implementation, and support services.



We offer below types of virtualization services:

  • Data virtualization

  • Client virtualization

  • Data Center Virtualization

  • Desktop Virtualization

  • Virtual zing Enterprise Applications

  • Cloud Computing

  • Hybrid Cloud

  • Private Cloud Computing

  • Software-Defined Data Center

  • Workforce Mobility

Server virtualization: This virtualization allows a single physical device to run on two or more operating system at the same time. The different operating system will have different identities, application stacks, etc. We offer the progressive and innovative 64-bit virtualization services that will help enterprise to reduce costs, enhance utilization, optimize performance, increase business efficiency and improve all enterprises get a greater success with the help of 64-bit computing, multicore processors and robust infrastructures. We offer the following Server Virtualization Services:

  • Server consolidation

  • Data protection

  • Disaster Recovery

Data center virtualization: We offer a wide array of data center virtualization services that will help any enterprise reach business goals easily. Date virtualization helps users to access data quickly without being aware of the source of the data. This helps in unifying and pooling all these business information to create a granary of information that is helpful to the organization. Data virtualization offers virtual service and allows access to data from any point regardless of where they are stored. With operational efficiency as the key strength, data virtualization fits into any IT environment easily.

We offer the following services:

  • Consulting services

  • Integration

  • Training

Consulting: We make a thorough analysis of your business needs and develop a relevant strategy to meet the current and future requirements. When the enterprise evolves towards cloud computing, we can prepare and train your people and get them equipped to face a high virtual environment.

Integration:  We help you with virtualization solutions and integrate them with your IT services

Training: We train you and make your well equipped with technologies like Microsoft Hyper-V and VM Ware.

Support: We offer complete support to make you run the virtualization environment smoothly. We help you with continuous improvement program, and value added services.

Client virtualization: This paves the way for the clients to enter the processes and foster great success as a result. We provide the following client virtualization services:

  • Client virtualization Access

  • Strategy

  • Implementation

  • Training

  • Support

Client Virtualization Access: Through these services, the customers are well enabled for multi-network access, flexible access, a rich, user-friendly interface and secure printing network from a single access device.

Strategy Services: We first analyze and form a client strategy that will prepare them for client virtualization. We analyze the impact of these services on users.

Implementation: Based on an in-depth assessment of infrastructure, applications, and requirements, we design a solution and implement it in phases.

Training: We provide training in VMware, Citrix, and Microsoft products

Support: We offer you complete hardware and software support for the entire lifecycle of client virtualization.

Our Hosting services include:

  • Virtual Server Hosting

  • Virtual Cloud Hosting

  • Virtual Private Server  Hosting

  • Virtual Server for Windows

  • Virtual Private Servers VPS

We support the following technologies:

  • VM Ware

  • Windows Hyper -V

If you are in need of our virtualization services, call us @ (713)589-6496. Reach us now.