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In 2008, Bullhorn Inc., a fast-rising Boston-based provider of executive staffing and recruiting management software, was considering the cloud to help modernize growth and distribution of its Software as a Service (SaaS) products to over 2,500 clients and 25,000 users in 35 countries. It has a modular structure that includes applicant tracking, customer relationship management (CRM), onboarding, and business intelligence and vendor management system (VMS) integration.

Originally created as an online marketplace for creative workers such as designers and artists, Bullhorn’s software was built to map a staffing agency’s workflow, and its software systems are planned intuitively are recruiters’ requests. Precisely, Bullhorn has a series of distinct cloud-based CRM programs for recruiting, sales, and operations. Bullhorn ATS is a niche solution designed for staffing and recruitment firms specifically. There are different editions of the solution to suit companies of different sizes. Bullhorn ATS dashboard is entirely adaptable and can be modified with a simple click feature.

In Bullhorn Recruitment CRM all of the different features of recruitment can concurrently be opened and processed together. With the CRM, Bullhorn permits companies to view resumes, keep records via easy to organize tabs, and collaborate with other staff competently and simply. Furthermore, the CRM tracks all of the communications between the enterprise and the applicant so that the records are certainly accessible. Bullhorn Recruitment is the first staffing-specific CRM to be integrated with LinkedIn, permitting its users to see files, records, and contacts. This integration offers advance and accurate perspective and present client information. In addition, Recruitment is accessible through any desktop, device, or tablet, so that professionals can open, view, and edit records every time they need.

Designed for staffing agencies and recruiters, Bullhorn Applicant Tracking System is a comprehensive tool for managing the entire recruitment process. Accessible from a desktop, mobile device, any internet browser, Mac or PC, Bullhorn ATS streamlines the end-to-end recruitment process from job submission to candidate placement. Agencies can source, manage and track candidates, filling open positions faster.



  • Applicants save time and have a continuous application process by evading unnecessary data admission. Information the candidate offers in the Bullhorn ATS is securely pre-populated to their screening profile in the First Advantage enterprise system.
  • Mobile functionality
  • No Need for Development and Maintenance Resources
  • Forecasting Reports Automatic tracking of all email activity within a candidate’s records
  • Works for any Business size.
  • Once job requirements are finalized and entered in the system, the solution allows for automatic posting of the job details on different job sites.
  • Several language options and international screening provision.
  • Free Setup, Customizable Plans, Reduced Price for Multiple Users
  • Integration with Gmail and Microsoft Outlook
  • Elimination of duplicate data entry for the candidate
  • Automatic email tracking
  • Candidates can electronically sign required forms and documents and input additional as may be required
  • Integration with LinkedIn Recruiter  
  • Social media integration: Job postings are also shared automatically on different social media networks such as LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter.

Bullhorn’s Sales CRM provides companies the skill to keep track of and manage their teams’ engagements with clients.


Business analytics and relationship intelligence features, Marketplace network for integrating with many applications, Accelerator feature for automatic capture and pre-population of candidate information.


Not planning for companies with in-house recruiters or hiring teams, the solution tends to be slow at times with sporadic bugs.

Bullhorn’s Pulse Customer Analytics offers syncs email and phone conversations to record client interactions and then interprets those interactions into eloquently analyzed data. Additionally, Pulse can examine the data and highlight aspects that require fast attention. Like the rest of Bullhorn’s programs, Pulse is accessible on an innumerable of devices and available to multiple devices at the same time.

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