Medical Billing Company Houston

DESSS can provide medical billing services that will improve your cash flow and help you get the maximum payments from your patients. We provide not only medical billing but also medical coding.

We provide the following services:

  • Insurance follow-up.
  • Insurance verification
  • Claims submission
  • Payments.

The benefits of our billing services:

  • We do a regular follow up with insurance companies and make sure that your claims are processed, thus enabling quicker cash flow.
  • We take care of your billing and coding and you take care of your practice.
  • We provide efficient billing services, so that your staff can take care of other procedures.
  • You don’t need to have additional employers and infrastructure to do the billing. By outsourcing you can reduce cost by 40%.
  • You can eliminate downtime completely, due to staff illness and vacation.
  • We take stringent quality measures to ensure smooth claims.

If you want to know more information on medical billing outsourcing Services, Please contact us @ (713)589-6496.

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