Medical Coding

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Medical coding is the process by which medical diagnosis and procedures transformed into universal medical code numbers. Medical coding plays a major part in the revenue cycle of any health medical center.

The complexities of changing federal regulation and lack of qualified coders will bring down the income of any health care organization. So a well-qualified coder needs to improve revenue in this generation. If you feel that your cash flow has lowered due to inefficient coding, you are not able to make money even though there is an increase in the number of patients, and you have a significant backlog of medical records, then it is time to contact DESSS. We have developed flawless and efficient coding procedures that will make coding clear and accurate.

The benefits of our coding services:

  • Our coding team is proficient with all types of codes across various specialties
  • Medical coding did in alliance with guidelines
  • Enable quick cash flow
  • Help you save money and time
  • Reduce operating costs


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