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DESSS provides data science consulting, custom AI-powered software development, and data science training. Concentrating on diagnostic analytics, ordinary language processing, and computer vision, we assist businesses to transform with AI, develop customer visions, computerize processes and be more productive.

Machine learning is a scientific discipline related to the creation and development of algorithms that permit computers to change interactive strategies based on pragmatic data. Like a machine learning embraces all data mining methods that can be executed as an automated process. Machine learning includes a number of complexed statistical methods for supervision regression and classification responsibilities with several dependent and independent variables. Besides, machine learning encompasses unverified learning algorithms, collection analysis in particular.

DESSS’S crew of analysts, consultant and data design work with companies to build a guideline to triumph with Business Intelligence and Big Data Analytics. Disregarding of the complexity of your data, we can help you with the right choice and start to see results.

Our expertise in data science practices helps us to understand the structure covered behind your data, allows businesses to make clever decisions based on several sides of Big data. We offer unique analytical assistance to help clients increase valued visions on their business developments and figurate future possibilities.

The great word of current analytics is Machine Learning; as distorted as “Big Data” but still as powerful as it claims to be – when used properly. Machine Learning, to a salesperson, is actually a stronger way to predict client conduct through conduits, time phases, programs, etc. – usually display 10-30% ride in results.

The method that Machine Learning realizes that result in marketing is a triple way. First, using a larger range of data than old-style modeling. Second, extract complex modeling practices and – three - by creating a model that automatically develops routine over time, without requiring restructures.

To a critical professional, Machine Learning is closely same from Frequentist/Bayesian statistics qualified in graduate school. It is just a means to an end when resolving data problems. But, when ML is used appropriately and the business problem being solved fits the right canon, very tiny can outperform ML prognostic modeling methods, especially joint methods.

The Mathematica world is supported up by solid (and luxurious) experts delivering high-end, focused extensions. The R world is submerged thanks to the libraries created in the universities and research labs. Millions of JavaScript fans keep NPM alive day after day. According to some, programming amounts these days to discover the right libraries and interweaving them together. It is somewhat extreme but there is truth in it; open source and other repositories contain pretty much everything one can wish for.

In today’s business environment, speed is very important. DESSS provides clients fastest access and complete control of their data, in actual time. Other advantages DESSS offer to their costumes:


  • Fast Changes Adjustments easy to understand: All the process to add new data is easier, and faster with less complicated architecture and supply chain; Instant adjustments insight layers since because they are virtual; decrease change delivery times.
  • Minimize Project Prices: Significantly reduce or remove design and development fees from developers.
  • Cheeping sustaining: Minor staff production support due to less complicated agenda; resolve conflicts easier and adjustable choices for support localities
  • Augmented Performance: Business Unit can generate report or analysis by itself with almost any IT involvement. 


When a BI solution needs significantly more diversity and quantity of data will be needed at faster speeds. DESSS solution is fully accessible and provides accommodations Big Data components, significantly extending the life of our costumers’ DESSS solution investment.  DESSS analytics solution can:


  • Preserve functionality, flexibility and speed. The architecture team working to offer exponential increases in volume, velocity and variety processing power
  • Expressively escalation volumes and kinds of available source data
  • Lower overall Total Cost of Ownership
  • Use the right data storage for the appropriate use,


  • Place data in the appropriate data store for the intended use – evading overspent and overstress high execution analytic atmospheres with unexploited or unnecessary data types
  • Offer examination data, avoid impact core BI application functionality.
  • Nonstop balance data resources to the better appropriate storage level to optimize performance and minimize cost

R is an open source software which is that everybody is allowed to improve its code and to create new features. That is the reason why an enormous number of incorporations with data analysis or data management systems are already available: No matter what do you need to integrate R with Oracle, SAS, SPSS or QlikView, it is possible to do it.

The key to use Machine Learning has highly competent experts to construct the models. ML comprises a level of difficulty that outdoes normal model building developments, particularly when using open source tools, such as Python or R.  The level of complication becomes even bigger when writing code to use real-time or near-real-time data. If your analysts have the skill set to build ML algorithms for prediction, explore this option. The end effect will just be a far greater performance with ML.

You must evaluate your existing analytic capabilities to recognize if you have an internal team capable of building ML. Most analytic crews miss the know-how and knowledge to build ML systems proficiently.  This can be a good time to get a skilled team, to help you build success in your company and develop the skills of your internal crew.

Star to add Machine Learning in your company, even if you have an efficient data-driven marketing team because finally, you will desire you had that tool since the beginning.

Desss offers superior techniques of collaborating quantifiable database, machine learning, deep learning and innovative technologies to provide customized services. We empower businesses to get fast evolution with the support of our data science facilities.

Big data is part of our lives. The dimensions, diversity, and speed of data coming inside enterprises continue to reach unknown ranks. The Big Data phenomenon has appeared as a consequence of massive quantities of data that are becoming accessible through an extensive range of application domains and companies. Desss team experts will go teach you the methods and tools to use in Big Data deployments.



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