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Artificial surroundings created with computer hardware and software and presented to the consumer in a mode that it seems and suggest like a real environment. To "have access” a virtual reality, a user wears specific and particular gloves, earphones, and goggles, all of which receive their data from the computer system. Like that, at least three of the senses are regulated by the computer. Apart from delivering sensory info to the user, the devices also guide the user's activities. The goggles, for instance, track how the eyes move and respond accordingly by sending new video data.

How does VR work? How does a virtual reality headset make you think that you're in a specific place when you are, in fact, actually in your home, office or a game video store? Well, with the outfit of VR devices expanding. Total immersion is what everyone making a VR headset, game or app is directing to - making the virtual reality experience so real that we forget the computer, headgear, and accessories and act exactly as we would in the real world.

    More than fun technologies

    Virtual reality is modifying how we compose, build, plan and participate everything from industries, buildings, and cars to training, learning, and entertainment. Virtual Reality, represent an opportunity for people who create things. Using these technologies, you can transform 2D designs into interactive, enveloping digital models, giving an environment to your digital data. With immersive design, engineers, designers, and builders can quickly and easily turn their CAD data into interactive, real-time experiences. Virtual Reality let you navigate data-rich design environments, so you can make better-informed decisions and create fascinating experiences.

    More than fun technologies

    Virtual reality nowadays

    Virtual Reality (VR) has long been awaited but, for many years, impoverished. In the current days, the scenery changed. Many tech powerhouses are power invested in earning the potential the technology has to offer. VR technology is progressively accessible and available to consumers.

    Manufacturers and developers are producing Virtual Reality for the coming years, from developing highly accessible and affordable sets that utilize smartphone technology to systems that cost thousands of dollars. Judging from this year’s technology shows and events, surely all the interest are on this emerging technology, At this time, there is a strong focus on consumer gaming and entertainment, but VR applications are moving beyond household entertainment into many business sectors.

    Virtual reality nowadays

Since 2001 DESSS has been one of the main Leading develop of Virtual Reality. Providing VR Domes and VR Software for all kind of sectors such a Government, Educational, Industrial, Medical and Entertainment Markets Worldwide. The primary goal is to provide our clients with integrated solutions that deal with Virtual Reality applications.

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