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Application Migration Consulting Company

Many organizations may have applications that are dependent on outdated or unsupported platforms. These applications may be based on programs written long ago and till now, no one would have opened the code. The time has now come to enhance these applications with new features, modernize them using new architecture, or completely migrate them to a newer technologically developed platform. This is where DESSS comes in. We provide professional Application Migration services to suit your requirements. When we provide migration services, it becomes mandatory to know the inner workings of both the old and new systems. Our Application Migration Experts have in-depth knowledge of systems, compilers, languages, databases, and operating systems of both the old and new systems. This helps us provide the best services, thus reducing the risk of migration.



Our strengths:

  • We know how to migrate from older versions of C+ and C++ to the newer versions.

  • We know what tools to use while moving from one platform to other like UNIX to LINUX.

  • We  can migrate data from older versions to newer versions.

  • We can modernize applications as per your requirements.


Our expert Application Professionals follow these processes:

  • A complete assessment of migration application

  • Formation of migration strategy and roadmap

  • Migration planning

  • Migration of the application to a new operating system

  • Data migration

  • Testing and handing over

  • Post migration support


We provide the following services:

  • Migration and assistance and training

  • Application migration

  • Migration and maintenance

  • Migration and the modernization

  • Data migration

  • Re-engineering of application

  • Application upgradation

Our expert  Application Migration Professionals are highly proficient in migrating legacy systems to web-based systems, upgrading older  VB/ASP applications to the .NET framework, and migrating applications based on C, C++, and Java from one platform to another.

With the help of our migration services, we help you improve operational excellence and negate the risks during the migration of applications. Our application migration professionals have great experience in this field and are experts in architecture consulting, code reuse, data migration, and S0A. We help you with smooth transitions of migration, so that you don't lose valuable data and will be able to retain the basic features of your enterprise business model.

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