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A typical project encompasses multiple modules coded by a team of programmers. At times, miscommunication between teams can cause disputes when different modules are assembled. Finding these issues before time helps save time and money on various sizes and complex projects. Hence, Integration Testing is an essential part of every testing strategy and has become more critical than ever. DESSS consultants ensure that your major design features are evaluated with black-box testing, finding error cases, etc. This testing intends to blow the whistle on any issues between integrated components. We ensure the compatibility of individual modules to guarantee smooth and uninterrupted work of the whole system. Our expert Integration Testing team pinpoints all possible system failures caused by incorrect module functioning.

Our DESSS consultants help develop your application quickly with seamless integration of these enterprise platforms and technologies. We quickly respond to any hassles before they turn into serious problems.

How Do We Do It - Integration Testing Consulting Company

  • Evaluation of functional requirements and design documents.

  • Estimation of Unit Testing plan and outcomes.

  • Implement comprehensive module tests following the suitable method of Integration testing services.

Benefits of Choosing Integration Testing Consulting

  • Identify the problems right from the development phase.

  • To implement better quality code into the System Integration Test environment.

  • Save money in the long run by locating the problems earlier, when they are cheaper to fix.

 Why Test With DESSS?

  • Code-Savvy Engineers – At DESSS, we recruit only highly competent and certified test engineers. They possess essential skills to perform grey-box and white-box testing, providing low-level bug reports that improve the project quality.

  • Deep Expertise – Since the project calls for repetitive tasks or complicated business logic, our talented engineers confidently deliver these frequent releases.

  • Guaranteed Quality – We value the trust you have in us. That is why we strive hard to protect your interests.

 Our Approach

At DESSS, our fundamental focus is to cater to our clients' testing needs and ensure that the development teams ensure successful project delivery. We use agile methodology to ensure clear-cut communication during the testing process, when gathering project requirements, during negotiation, and when forming the Service Level Agreement.

We thoroughly test to identify operational failures and provide clients with bug-free solutions. Throughout the manual test process, we confirm that our services are performed to the specifications in the SLA. Ultimately, we strive to build long-term and trustworthy relationships with our clients. Because of this, we make the manual testing process as transparent as possible. We promote clear and straightforward communication and provide ongoing management and support. Our detailed project documentation with accurate data provides companies with a comprehensive picture of all detected bugs. To support businesses, we support them in pursuing their values within the organization for competitiveness and progress.

Integration Testing Strategies of DESSS

At DESSS, our experts consider scope complexity, time constraints, and many other factors when working on your project to determine the best approach to integration testing.

Incremental Integration Testing
We completed testing the transmission between logically related components and adding new ones, which offers multiple advantages:

  • Bug localization is more straightforward in large, complex systems

  • Prioritizing specific components is possible when needed

 Big Bang Integration Testing

As soon as all components are developed, we integrate them and test the communication in the system. The approach makes it possible

  • Reduce testing time on smaller projects with relatively few modules

  • Detect more errors early in the testing process

  • Save resources as you won't need mock programs like drivers and stubs

 Our Expertise in Integration Testing Advisory 

  • Test design techniques that make System Integration Testing flawless 

  • Using Functional & Non-Functional Testing methods to detect component failures

  • Using established testing techniques (White box/Black box testing) for System Integration Testing

  • Handling Integration Testing efficiently both within the system and outside the system

Through VPN connections, our labs establish secure connections to your test environments. We vet each Consultant thoroughly and sign confidentiality and non-disclosure agreements to ensure maximum information security.

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