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MicroStrategy 10.6 is now generally available. This release follows our recent launch of free data discovery and education for everyone through our MicroStrategy Desktop and MicroStrategy Jump Start initiatives. MicroStrategy 10.6 offers features that make it significantly easier to share intelligence with everyone within your organization.


  • This release offers exciting features across MicroStrategy Desktop™, MicroStrategy Web™, MicroStrategy Mobile™, and Usher™, including The ability to automate the sharing of interactive data discovery dashboards for offline analysis
  • A redesigned PDF export engine to create and share highly formatted PDF reports and dashboards
  • New mapping functionality that allows users to plot multiple layers on a single map visualization
  • Native AirWatch SDK integration for MicroStrategy Mobile


There are a variety of point solutions on the market today, but most are aimed at filling specific data-related needs. This forces companies to invest in several tools to cover all of their BI requirements, from big data to data discovery, data preparation, advanced analytics, and more thus increasing their long-term costs. Fortunately, a new model of BI is emerging: the modern analytics platform.


These solutions represent the culmination of BI’s long journey. Each delivers a full-stack, enterprise BI environment with an open, integrated architecture that supports all modes of BI and all types of users and developers. They are designed from the ground up to run on the Web, cloud, and mobile deployment platforms and support nearly any kind of data source, system, and application. This webcast, presented by MicroStrategy, will define the 10 characteristics of a modern analytics platform and incorporate product demos, use cases, and case studies.

Here is the update in this version.

  • The spectrum of analytics capabilities that organizations need to achieve their goals
  • What a modern analytics platform is and how it differs from prior generations of BI tools
  • How an advanced analytics platform is designed for openness, extensibility, and integration
  • The design principles required to build a modern analytics platform
  • How companies are using these platforms to create robust, custom analytics applications
  • MicroStrategy solutions for business and IT, as presented in product demos

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