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Content is the most important element of every website. It gives a brief description of the service offered by the company by using words. Indeed, quality content isn't an element of the company. Technology is equally important to help a business reach its audience who are in its target. In this regard, DESSS offers well-informed portal and content management services for companies.

Numerous companies should have made substantial investments in the development of high-quality images or other forms of media. However, if the resources aren't well-organized, the artwork won't last for long durations. Additionally, when the content cannot be effective, it won't be able to reach the desired viewers. Thanks to our portal & content management team that can help your business monetize your digital assets throughout the entire system. DESSS will make sure that your content is updated regularly, and will keep the audience coming back to your site.

While organizations plan the course of their digital transformation journey, the crucial element to success is to have an effective digital platform strategy. With the exploding amount of unstructured content inside organizations comes the issues of management, creation, and distribution. We will take care of the digital platform you use to provide seamless user experiences across all points- Mobile, Social, Web, and POS facilitating contextual delivery to increase customer engagement as well as digital operational efficiency.

We collaborate with companies to assess their business needs as well as develop a strategy to determine a path to developing a robust portal and content management system that is in line with their business goals. Utilizing the latest technologies and advancements that provide efficient solutions to create an exceptional digital experience that is tailored to particular business issues.

We provide end-to-end solutions to develop digital portals and collaboration platforms, as well as process automation, and content management systems for web and intranet sites to meet the needs of your business while keeping to budgets and timeframes. With our experience in various delivery models, we ensure a speedy delivery process that allows enterprises to achieve the most valuable investment they make.

We go far beyond simply the implementation of an application. With our proactive assessments as well as our regular checking of performance and monitoring, we make sure that the solution we provide matches the goals of the organization and requirements.

Portal and Content Management are the techniques, strategies, and tools that are used to collect, organize, store, and preserve documents and other information that are related to corporate processes. It facilitates knowledge sharing, speedy data search, and retrieval essential to the growth of an organization.

Portals typically have a specific target segment and can be customized. Enterprise Portals are the "gateway" to documents and information, offer security, and have an efficient system for managing content that allows users to edit and add to the content. Portals can boost the efficiency of organizations and speed up or automate the sharing of business procedures, as well as enable sharing of information across boundaries to provide a better understanding of business.

•         The difficulty of finding the correct information at the right moment.
•         The challenge is to understand the content scattered across a variety of Internet or intranet websites.
•         Using up valuable resources and time trying to find the information you require.

A well-designed enterprise content management system allows an organization to tackle issues and provide users with relevant information at the appropriate moment.

DESSS offers a full range of Portal and Content Management Solutions to manage all aspects of information management such as managing documents, Web content management, electronic records management, asset management, image, and Content Integration. Our services for managing content can help your company improve the value of its information.

Why Portals & Content Management?

Automating business processes with electronic forms and workflows is essential for the delivery of processes performance metrics and KPIs with the help of dashboards that are based on role.

A reliable and trustworthy service provider should be able to provide the capability to create secure, scalable, and secure web and enterprise portals, along with the capability to manage them continuously.

The portal and content management system DESSS provides allows you to collect new content and manage existing ones across various communication channels using the strong API framework. The benefits of APIs and a cloud-based platform eliminate the need for large initial investments and the maintenance burdens of physical and network infrastructure assets.

As digitalization becomes a strategic imperative, businesses must implement intelligent solutions that can streamline, optimize, and manage digital experiences through content.

How Can DESSS Help?

DESSS provides end-to-end portal and content management solutions covering consulting, design, development, integration, and support.

DESSS Portals and Content Management service provide agile, dynamic, and consolidated solutions that empower an organization’s overall digital transformation efforts. We help our clients streamline, optimize, and manage digital experiences through content. We enable organizations to:

•         Design and implement enterprise content management strategy
•         Create document management systems to ensure reliable delivery and security
•         Define and manage custom workflows to enhance efficiency
•         Re-engineer intranet enterprise portals
•         Enable real-time delivery of contextual and relevant content

How does Portal & Content Management work?

Upgrade the system: Our expert team can clearly define the strategy of the program and provides solutions to the issue. Our team will assist in the management of capacity and performance tuning, as well as changing management.

Smoother Organization Transaction: We offer a tried and true consulting and implementation program that can be able to adapt to changes occurring within the company. We have the latest technologies that aid in achieving a successful outcome.

Content Management in different Areas: Our content management work caters to different areas like Enterprise Research, Records Management, Document Management, Web Content Management, etc.

Besides content work, DESSS also offers Portal development services that include:

•         Implementation and customization of the website
•         Re-working on the portal framework
•         Integrating external and internal tools

There is a boom in the work of managing content and it is a must by any organization to satisfy the needs of the audience. There are many challenges companies overcome with a Content Management System. DESSS provides comprehensive solutions to every aspect related to Portal and Content Management. Our team of experts with deep experience will aid in maximizing the information at a low cost and with skilled work.

We are working on the latest tools and software that can help your business grow with a higher return. Through our vast network and alliances, your business will have superior web-based content management and portal requirements. The latest technologies and tools are constantly evolving to meet the requirements of both the business and the customer.

So contact us today for Portal & Content Management work for your business and get engaged with targeted audiences.

Content drives experience!

Our portal and content management solutions help ensure that you are serving the content that your customers, employees, and partners demand.

At DESSS, you can discover the significance and value of responsibility, which is the primary factor in the future development of business. The requirement of providing easy access to a user-friendly interface that provides a clear environment for employees as well as suppliers, partners, and customers has led to the creation of web portals for enterprises. Enterprise portals are the next generation of intranet technologies that provide essential features such as search, job openings, information organization, and other news that pertain to the business. Within this system, you'll get better accessibility according to your needs.

It is vitally important to have an online presence to expand internationally as well as to keep your website running professionally. In the current competitive world, competitions can be very stimulating to take certain steps in the right direction to ensure your business's success.

What Are The Benefits Of Portal And Content Management Systems?

Some of the benefits of a portal and content management platform to a business are:

Transfer business processes or components of them from paper and physical to digital, which will speed up execution, and a significant reduction in operating expenses. Nearly any business function could be converted to a portal.

Employee service is essential – employees must be notified of company communications including the new and existing policies, adhere to requirements, submit expense claims, supply schedule sheets, time sheets as well as other project details for billing, and receive salary information and other details. HR departments consume a lot of resources to provide services to employees. Moving the services to an online portal offers 24/7 support for the employee. It also reduces costs for the business.

Supply chain management – with an increasingly long and global supply chain, managing the procurement, production, and distribution or collection workflow over the web helps overcome time zone and language challenges, follows the right sequence of activities between supply chain partners and reduces the operating cost significantly.

Community – today’s businesses increasingly depend on building communities of prospects, users, technologists, auditors, employees, customers, and many other stakeholders that are crucial to a company's market position and long-term success. Portals are the best way to build and maintain such stakeholder communities for the organization.

Create and maintain sites to meet your specific needs – If you are a retail organization with many locations, a common website servicing all stores becomes very customer unfriendly. You want to create many websites so that each store can showcase its promotions, directions, chat and support facilities, discounts, coupons, special merchandise offers and displays, and up-to-the-minute information. While each store can maintain its content, the site architecture allows a common theme, standardized data that cannot be modified by individual stores, internal controls to make sure all published data is up to the corporate standards of ethics and accuracy can be implemented to give common and efficient administration capability.

Security of portal data – This is an increasing concern among all businesses where hackers steal data such as credit card numbers & customer information, perform fraudulent transactions as well as steal data for unscrupulous competitors who want to know your business plans, pricing, promotions, and other confidential information. A good portal and content management strategy will empower you to overcome these security threats and exploit the full potential of your IT assets.

Flexible and efficient content management – A website or a portal is only as good as the content it displays. Many excellent websites fall by the wayside as maintaining the content is too difficult or time-consuming or expensive. A good content management capability under a good portal is essential to translate your web investments into business benefits. Contact Us