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SAP Business ByDesign Consulting Company

Manage your entire business in the cloud – with SAP Business ByDesign, our ERP software for midsize companies and subsidiaries. DESSS is a leading Information Technology Company for Corporate or Business IT Solutions. DESSS offers business consulting, IT outsourcing, and software consulting services.


Run your entire company - from ERP to CRM - on a single, cloud-based management suite – SAP Business ByDesign.


SAP Business By Design offers a real-time enterprise extensive view of companies’ financial condition and updates the central accounting process to manage cash and reimbursements. The software permits users to manage accounts for multiple operating units, currencies, and reporting standards. The cash flow management module uses client and supplier transaction data to improve visibility into the companies’ cash positions. SAP Business ByDesign manages all the hosting, maintenance, and improvements to the system. We design the software to scale with small businesses as they grow into midsize companies.


Lead your company with a cloud ERP solution.  SAP Business design can help you ship your developing business requirements and boost strategic value to the company.


SAP Business design is handled, controlled, and sustained by SAP, secure data centers, so you can concentrate on your company and leave IT to the expert’s hands. The software uses an innovative cloud platform that delivers greater performance, constancy, security, and convenience.


  • Offer business support on-premises and for mobile devices
  • Optimize financial processes and cash flow management
  • Accent on your clients in marketing, sales, and distribution
  • Surround and use worker potential through organizational management
  • Integrate production and logistics
  • Accept a systematic approach to efficient project management
  • Implement intelligent buying support
  • Achieve the company’s goals through corporate performance management


The solution provides clearness and regulation over all your actions, so you can instantly recognize and respond to problems and possibilities - and it's adjustable, so you can meet new business necessities with little time, effort, and cost.


SAP Business design solution assistances your workers in more successfully managing customer relationships by providing complete customer and product knowledge easily to increase sales chances and help guarantee value customer service.


In DESSS our focus is delivering SAP solutions that assist you to perform well. We promise to attain the practical results of your business requirements to compete and grow. Get a quote here.