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Upgrades & Migration Services!

  • Does your current system respond effectively to regulatory requirements?

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DESSS provides an expert team to help you with all the upgrades and migration requirements. In today's constantly changing business environment, businesses need to stay up-to-level with the most current technology that provides rapid, simple, and reliable access to all kinds of information. We appreciate the motivation of switching to the latest technology and offer all the knowledge you require for upgrades and migration. We have completed a variety of changes and migrations for businesses.

DESSS is equipped with the right accelerators and tools that aid us to make rapid and cost-effective upgrades. It doesn't matter if it's an upgrade to a minor technical feature or installing a completely new range of features. We have the technical knowledge to tackle your business issues with ease. We have the method and tools to handle any scenario created based on our years of knowledge about products and our implementation expertise in this area for a variety of clients.

Difference between Upgrades and Migration:

The process of copying applications from one product to another is called migration. Upgrade, on the other hand, is the process where you replace your current software with a newer version. Our technical consultants have extensive experience in technology, and they use the power of on-premises applications on cloud-based applications or using the hybrid model, to provide an unhindered operation for the clients we serve. We make sure that the software that we create on behalf of our clients will be utilized by everyone who uses them by ensuring that our application has a distinct user adoption.

Know More about Upgrades And Migration Services!

An upgrade is essential for IT stability and security due to the high level of volatility in Information Technology. DESSS offers a complete strategy to carry out upgrades. This includes a thorough audit, implementation testing, go-live, and stabilization. Our consultants have the experience and understanding of best IT and business practices and can tailor an upgrade to your company's requirements. We can help you achieve your goals of a scalable model for business, a transformational business process, and improved decision-making. Our goal is to establish long-lasting relationships with clients. They can analyze the data, and use it to make business decisions. The following sections of our migration capabilities can be used to improve organizations' business processes.


  • Database Migration - Our expertise will ensure a smooth transition of your DB Environment.

  • Functional Migration - Our expertise in integrations to ERP and third-party software gives you wings. We ensure that you get the maximum value.

  • Platform Migration - While moving to the cloud can bring great benefits for companies, it can also be a difficult process. DESSS makes it easy to move to the cloud from your existing environment.


DESSS can assist customers in migrating their IT infrastructure for a variety of reasons, including moving to another office to downsize or expand, migrating with a better operator, or even moving entire operations outside the country. Our IT infrastructure migration services include Data Center Migration. DESSS offers in-depth best practices for seamless upgrades, on-premise or in the Cloud. Upgrades are more efficient, less expensive, and with less risk. We keep customers' applications current so that you can maximize your investment and reap the maximum benefits.

Benefits of Upgrades & Migration Consulting Services!

Professional database Upgrades & Migration services ensure that your business is not affected by downtime and does not become vulnerable while migrating its data. Companies adopt new technologies constantly to improve their performance and streamline their operations. Companies that need to transfer data between databases can use database migration. Database migrations are also known as schema migrations. They allow for incremental changes to be managed programmatically. Database migrations are designed to make changes in databases shareable, repeatable, and testable without causing data loss.

A properly planned and properly executed database migration will reduce the chance of downtime, as well as the chance for data integrity issues. Additionally, there are many important advantages to professional services for database migration.
In the current highly competitive and fast-paced business environment, companies must swiftly adjust to new technologies to remain ahead of the game. Here are a few motives why using databases is crucial to modern businesses:

1. You can save on overhead expenses

Utilizing an old database is likely to cost businesses an enormous amount of overhead expenses. If you are using an outdated system, companies might have to purchase additional software and systems to accelerate normal procedures. It is also difficult for companies to grow in the face of limited infrastructure. In time, the expense and time required to manage outdated databases can cause a loss of money, opportunities, and productivity.

The transfer of a company's database onto an environment that can better serve its intended purpose more efficiently is a great way to gain many advantages. Companies can save money on their infrastructure as well as the knowledge and resources required for continuous support. Professionally managed database migration services are extremely flexible and have proven to enhance security efficiency, reliability, speed, and disaster recovery plans for the systems. Upgrades & Migration can also help reduce the possibility of costly disruptions in service.

2. Improve Speed and Performance

Services and applications typically see an increase in traffic as a company grows and gets more profitable. However, some companies might be unable to expand their resources to accommodate the increasing demand. One solution to remove these worries is to migrate enterprise applications onto the cloud. Upgrades & Migration services can assist businesses to speed up the implementation and deployment of applications. If cloud services are employed they can provide servers that have resources available on demand which allows companies to swiftly change without the need to invest in expensive infrastructure.

3. Upgrade to Latest Technology

One of the primary benefits of database migration is the chance to make the switch to newer technology. Many companies want to switch from traditional or inefficient technology to one that is more suitable for the current requirements for data; however many do not have the experience or the resources needed to carry out the task.

Nowadays, adopting innovative, efficient, and effective storage techniques is crucial. Professionally-designed Upgrades & Migration services will help businesses navigate the steps required to complete this crucial change, and offer regular support to ensure companies can successfully use the new platform.

4. Reduce Data Storage Costs

When businesses make the smart choice of moving to cloud storage it can save them a substantial amount of money in storage costs for data. Companies that move to the cloud can make large, upfront investments in servers, PCs as well as other devices to store data. Cloud computing allows companies to securely store huge quantities of data, without the need to purchase IT infrastructure. This can be an extremely appealing benefit for businesses that wish to save money and benefit from the ease of using cloud technology.

5. Reduce Redundant Data

One of the primary goals of database migration is to transfer all data from the enterprise to a central data center. This can reduce the amount of redundant data due to having multiple platforms that contain data from various areas of a business. If data is kept in a single location after the migration of databases, it will be easily accessible by all of the company's divisions.

Redundant data can happen for a wide range of reasons, such as human error. It is also common after an acquisition when systems are combined. When different departments in a business have different databases without sync between them, it can be challenging to gain insights from these incompatible databases.

6. Create Reliable Backups

When businesses store data on PCs or servers, it is common to overlook the need for regular backups. This puts the company at risk for significant data loss in the event of a system failure or data breach. Data migration to the cloud promotes good backup and recovery behaviors. Many cloud providers offer reliable data backup solutions and data management resources to allow businesses to regularly back up their data with minimal effort. Data that is backed up on a routine basis stay more protected from loss.

7. Save Time on Maintenance

Many companies struggle with a complex infrastructure, resulting in wasted time and money. Cloud services are designed to eliminate many manual tasks, including monitoring potential application failures and anticipating possible interruptions in virtual machine operations. Businesses can avoid having a dedicated IT team managing the infrastructure round-the-clock as these tasks will be performed on behalf of the company. Cloud services include routine maintenance, system upgrades, and other administrative duties that can waste time that is better spent on core tasks to grow the business.

8. Promote Collaboration

When projects require collaboration between team members, it can be useful to have a single location where data can be easily accessed. The cloud makes it simple for team members to maintain good communication by providing a central platform where data can be shared and accessed by employees. Team members can also work simultaneously on shared documents, eliminating the need to send emails or faxes back and forth. Cloud computing technology allows team members to log in from any location and internet-enabled device. This flexibility can be extremely useful when team members are traveling or not able to meet in person due to time constraints or other reasons.

9. Have Greater Security

Databases are vulnerable entities and a common target of cyber-attacks. They can be accessed through networks when businesses fail to regularly update their databases, leaving security gaps that allow hackers to enter and steal sensitive information. Having the most up-to-date security fixes is essential to keep businesses safe from the financial and reputational consequences of a cyber-attack.

The cloud is designed to keep enterprise data safe from cybercriminals, whether the data is at rest or in motion. Cloud data protection enables businesses to secure data and applications across multiple environments, define policies, better govern access, detect and prevent data loss and proactively identify and mitigate risks.

Upgrades & Migration Consulting Services!

Staying competitive requires you to continually innovate and optimize your business strategies to meet market demands. Your technology should do the same. Upgrades & Migration of your business solutions doesn’t have to be painful. DESSS has tools and services designed to simplify and automate the process for reduced time, effort, and cost in upgrading.

Each valuable release from DESSS introduces:

  • New workflow to optimize business efficiency.

  • New technology to improve employee experience and business agility.

  • New tools that support greater connectivity with customers and suppliers.

  • Fundamental changes to help maintain compliance and security, and ensure reliable solutions.

  • A path to the cloud to automate future upgrades.

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