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Responsive web design is a design philosophy that is independent of the device on which it is viewed and provides a user interface that gives optimized and enriched user experience even on devices of various dimensions and resolutions like PC, tablet or smartphones. It is a cutting-edge technology in which a web designer codes the style sheets in such a way that it lays out correctly and adjusts itself to the width of the browser.At DESSS, our professional and Responsive Web designers design websites this is responsive by using tools like CSS and media queries, flexible database and layouts and flexible images and media. We use the latest technologies like HTML 5 and CSS 3 to create a fluid website design.

What are the benefits of Responsive web design?

  • Enriches user experience. No vertical or horizontal scrolling.
  • No need of designing and maintaining a separate website for mobile users.
  • No need of creating sub-domain because it runs on the same domain and detects the devices.
  • Search engines quickly recognize them.
  • Fluid grids help to fit elements into small and big screens.

The following are the important features of our Responsive Web Design:

  • We aim for the four corners and not for any particular device.
  • We use grid based on fluid percentages.
  • Responsive Design helps perfect viewing of the website on all devices.
  • The designs are device agnostic.
  • They work great with a variety of browsers including IE8 +, IOS, Android 2+, Windows 7, Firefox, Safari, and Chrome.

DESSS, a Responsive Web Design Company, not only creates new website design using a responsive design but also modifies your existing one. Investing in Responsive Design is worth the money. With more and more people using smartphones, it is better to opt for the responsive web design that enhances business efficiency. Through our responsive web design services we aim to provide improved customer experience, cost-effective development, and increased conversion and enhanced branding.

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