Prophet 21

Prophet 21 - The Finest Solution for Wholesale Distributors

Prophet 21 - The Finest Solution for Wholesale Distributors

Prophet 21 is a modern platform that is ready for the digitalization of today's business requirements and that is powered by Microsoft Azure. The platform is built upon SaaS technologies to offer a low total cost of operation and constant development. It is a system that's device-independent and runs within the Windows environment with tablets, web browsers, and mobile phones while increasing accessibility and mobility. There are both on-premises and SaaS alternatives to choose from.

If you're a Wholesale Distributor looking to integrate e-commerce ERP software to manage the warehouse of your company, Prophet 21 with your E-commerce platform might be the ideal solution.


Know The Significance Of Prophet 21!

P21 consulting offers you the full range of supply chain, order management, and warehousing functions, and is all built on the same business platform. The Prophet 21 integration provides you with a full enterprise-level software solution that covers your company from order entry all the way to the warehouse, through buying to finance, and then connects all of it by providing a comprehensive inventory management feature that ensures your business is running well and efficiently.

No matter how large or small your company is, there are many areas that need to be monitored. Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software integrates core corporate activities into one consolidated dashboard. These operations were previously done by large multinational corporations. Since they are too costly to manage, ERP deployment and maintenance were handled by highly qualified people and IT infrastructure.

This cloud-based and comprehensive solution uses many techniques to transform business information into business intelligence. These include machine learning, predictive analytics, forecasting, and complete cloud capabilities. It is wise to look for software solutions that can be upgraded quickly and are flexible.

ERP solutions can be flexible, adaptable, and scalable. An ERP solution will allow you to manage your business operations, as well as provide excellent customer support and service. You can track your production, suppliers, and demand channels. Prophet 21 consulting also provides inventory forecasts and other business functions.

An ERP system to pinpoint and create growth opportunities that will ensure the overall efficiency of your business and satisfaction for the consumer.

Distributors who choose to use the on-premises model can choose to use the web-based application integrated into it or move it in the cloud. Prophet 21 Cloud is intended to aid distribution companies in expanding as they grow, change, and expand without needing large upgrades to the system.

Prophet 21 Cloud combines established distribution capabilities with an all-inclusive Web-enabled system and modern technology stacks: HTML5, Angular JS, .NET, and SQL Server. Since it is a cloud-based service, it provides additional flexibility to expand, scale, and adapt it to suit the way businesses operate, and is fully flexible through the application programming interface (API). This allows organizations to add specific functions and boost productivity and efficiency by connecting their operations with suppliers, customers, and partners they need.

With a P21 account, both you as well as your customers will benefit from the latest technology, which includes stunning mobile apps and websites. It reduces the cost of labor and price errors and improves the efficiency of orders and product information to increase efficiency and profits. The possibilities for success over the long term with P21 are limitless.


What is the Need for Prophet 21?

Prophet 21 is designed specifically to meet the demands and requirements of the Distribution industry. In today's constantly evolving supply chain, your company requires an active solution that can grow to the size of your warehouse.

Prophet 21 is uniquely designed to meet the demands of many distribution industries which include Electrical, Fasteners, Fluid Power, Industrial, Medical Supplies, Petroleum, Pharmaceuticals, and much more. Help your business grow with quick implementation and simple expansion, regardless of the size or complexity of your distribution chain using p21 implementation Houston.


Prophet 21 Integration Capabilities

Prophet 21's platform is an entire supply chain management solution that covers both the demand and supply aspects of the business. With deep industry expertise and flexible solutions, prophet 21 implementation Houston offers constant improvement and a focus on customer support and service.


Financial Management

Prophet 21 helps keep your business up-to-date by providing a live general ledger as well as actual-time financial statements. This means that you are able to keep an eye on the financial health of your business when business transactions are conducted.


Customer Relationship Management

The program covers the entire variety of sales using the most comprehensive CRM service. Prophet 21 not only includes basic CRM features like the management of contacts and tracking opportunities but also provides an all-around view of the customer, sales master inquiry functions, and customer buying trends analysis.


Order Management

Prophet 21 enables you to complete all of the order entry processes on just one screen. Whatever the way that your orders are processed (over the counter or on the computer or laptop, etc.) the information about your order is directly entered in the Prophet 21 solution for faster processing. This prevents re-keying mistakes.


Inventory Management

P21 migration Houston enables you to manage your needs for customer service while also maximizing your return on investment by increasing the number of inventory turns and reducing your investment in inventory. The dynamic replenishment of inventory methods gives you the possibility of reducing costs of carrying, eliminating outdated or excess inventory as well as improving cash flow and boosting customer service.


Purchase Management

Prophet 21 migration Houston streamlines the buying process, allowing you to maximize your purchasing capacity and inventory levels. Enhance customer service levels with respect to cost by adapting your processes to accommodate your customer's ever-changing requirements.


Warehouse Management

Prophet 21 warehouse management tools offer flexible, real-time monitoring and efficiency from receiving to shipping. Warehouse-related business transactions are generated automatically and processed without having to rekey the data. Thus, reducing time and decreasing the chance of mistakes.

Make use of P21's built-in features to the maximum extent you can!

Even if it takes some time to learn or seek advice from an expert in P21 however, the effort and time will be rewarded over time in terms of reducing complexity and making sure that compatibility and stability are maintained.



Prophet 21's comprehensive range of inventory management, order management, and warehousing features automatizes processes from start to finish that ensure the highest level of efficiency across your business. Comprehensive metrics and easy-to-use dashboards provide the best visibility.

The powerful and easy-to-use software is available to distributors across the globe. It's loaded with advanced tools that can synchronize supply and use the demand and fulfillment process to attain the highest levels of industry-leading business efficiency. Prophet 21's supreme features will set your distribution company at the top of the heap.


Plan for the future

The competition among distributors is increasing at about the same pace as advances in enterprise software. These challenges make forecasting and strategic planning essential for distributors to make an income. In order to help distributors, Prophet 21 offers advanced replenishment and demand planning as well as forecasting capabilities for ensuring that every aspect of day-to-day operations to expansions in the future goes smoothly.


Who Can Use Prophet 21?

The Prophet 21 Cloud system is intended to improve the efficiency of the different distribution operations in today’s dynamic supply chain. Prophet 21 upgrade Houston offers market-leading solutions to distributors of all sizes. It is a feature-rich program designed to manage distribution industry requirements such as fasteners, fluid power, HVAC, industrial/safety, medical supplies, welding, and much more.

Prophet 21 system is a comprehensive, effective, and efficient end-to-end business management solution built for today’s distributor, complete with mobile access. Its capabilities include the following:


  • Sales Management – Comprises order management, credit card processing, the capacity to monitor customer purchasing habits, and a strategic pricing tool that determines the best price based on market data and sales history.
  • Business Intelligence – Data Analytics assists a firm in generating and maintaining real-time insights visible from executive, sales rep, and purchasing trends dashboards.
  • E-commerce – Based on commerce, this integration assists companies in increasing revenues, reaching new customers, and shortening sales cycles. P21 upgrade Houston supports both B2B and B2C channels, as well as storefront construction, real-time stock levels, mobile access, and other features.
  • Financial Management –Real-time drill down, multicurrency, and multi-company support and account balance notifications simplify business accounting.
  • Wireless Warehouse Management — Users may control inventory receipt, put-away, picking, cycle counts, and more, as well as account for modifications, all from any mobile device or distant location.
  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM) — p21 support Houston assists users in managing contacts (including tracking customers’ purchasing patterns), leads and opportunities (including tracking sales progress, establishing sales starts, and utilizing analytics), and marketing (including generating call lists and targeted mailing lists, and setting follow-up dates.).
  • Supply Chain Management – Users may manage warehouses, inventories, buying, and production using the supply chain management module. This feature contains Advanced Demand Forecasting, which predicts the quantity of inventory required more precisely.


What Are The Implementation Stages Of Prophet 21?

There are five major implementation stages. They are preparing, planning, designing, validating and deploying. Each stage comprises a series of segments that are filled with a set of inputs, tools, and techniques that build on one another to move the procedure to the next stage.


  • Preparing – prophet 21 support Houston supports the implementation project expectations with the software suite a company is planning to implement.
  • Planning – The planning stage is the major part of the implementation. Prophet 21 maintenance Houston helps build the foundation for the entire project, and plans that measure out the system specifications, sources, and timelines that are required to match a business’s needs and capital.
  • Designing – A business’s main design team and subject matter experts begin to utilize the system and report how the organization plans to apply the system to match its business objectives.
  • Validating – The goal of this stage is to better ensure that all business procedures are correctly documented.
  • Deploying – P21 maintenance Houston supports clients with developing their plans, as well as implementing them.