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CEF, WPF, Java, or SAP? Get the best Desktop Application Testing Support! . DESSS has over 10 years of trusted experience in desktop application testing. Users keep placing more stock in any application on their desktop, whether at home or at work. That's why consistency is critical. DESSS can help you deliver a consistent experience across different machines and OS.

Our Desktop Application Testing in Houston extends from supporting WinForms, Java, SAP, NET Core, WPF, CEF, and many more. DESSS covers functionality in all environments, tests essential conditions, and instantly recognizes all objects in your application, including dynamic IDs, custom controls, and libraries. We also analyze the state-of-the-art technology upgrades and keep up with them. We Deliver Consistent Quality Desktop Apps that are Worthy of Installation!

Why Desktop Application Testing Houston For Your Business?

A desktop application is a standalone software program that runs independently on a desktop operating system. Desktop Apps require significant effort to control, requiring exclusive development for specific settings and configurations. DESSS examines the functionality, security, usability, and stability of Desktop app testing in Houston. This standalone program doesn't rely on any internet connectivity for its work. Hence its performance is not affected by any network-related issues.

Desktop Application Testing Vs. Web App Testing

In general, a desktop application used by a single user on a specific operating system requires a particular environment to examine the results. Whereas web-based applications are hosted on the web server, authorizing multiple users with an internet connection. The testing environments of desktop and web app testing are different.

Types of Desktop Application Testing  

  • Functionality Testing – Our team will make sure that every function is as it's supposed to keep away from errors and unexpected outcomes.

  • Load Testing – Thousands of server requests on the Desktop application have to be dealt with painlessly. DESSS Desktop Application Testing Support can seamlessly help you process tons of user data.

  • Security Testing – DESSS checks every forced attack on your application while ensuring that all sensitive information is encrypted. You are ultimately providing the users with maximum safety and confidentiality.

  • Regression Testing – Regression desktop application testing makes sure to find the core of every bug to proceed with any new updates.

  • Usability Testing – DESSS offers a simple, insightful, contemporary, and pleasing software interface, catering to your challenging target audience.

  • Compatibility Testing – When your software is downloaded and used on multiple systems, you want it to work at its best. Desktop Application Testing in Houston ensures that your app runs without bugs on all platforms.  

Best Practices Followed By DESSS for Desktop App Testing

  • Planning – DESSS has a concrete plan for your business, understanding the requirements right from the inception. We identify the needs and highlight which tests to automate.

  • Testing Framework And Tool – One-size-never-fits-all, especially when finding the best Testing Framework and Tool. DESSS helps figure out the best suitable framework to enhance the capabilities of the testing process.

  • Selecting The Right Strategy – Depending on the AUT, DESSS chooses the right tool to demonstrate the properties while in the testing process.

  • Minimal Project Maintenance – Our expert team at DESSS takes care of efficient test designs and tool usage management, prioritizing the reusability and maintenance of test objects.

  • Complex Use Cases – Desktop applications are usually larger, which requires skilled testers familiar with the application to test it.

Why Choose DESSS for Desktop Application Testing?

  • Easy Setup and Configuration – Our advanced systems allow you to test several Windows devices' applications. We can help you reduce the configuration steps and pay more attention to inspecting locators.

  • Quality – We use agile methodology to ensure seamless collaboration and clear communication during the testing process. Our experts will identify operation flops and provide clients with proven bug-free solutions.

  • Project Documentation – We offer detailed and accurate project documentation that will help with further product improvement.

  • Instant Validation – We add validation steps as checkpoints to your automated projects, making sure that your specific requirements are fulfilled.

  • Comprehensive Reporting – DESSS offers extensive reporting, with a detailed overview of the test execution flow. We keep you updated on the project status regularly.

  • Expert Testers – The professional testers at DESSS effectively check your software from a typical end-user perspective, offering the most authenticated view of your user experience.

  • Affordable Quote – We aim to provide the best quality services at an acceptable price. Check, and you will be surprised at how reasonable it is.

  • Timely Results – Our well-established process and professional team ensure to delivery of projects on time.

Get desktop application testing in Houston that fits the needs of your team – regardless of team size! Get a quote here.