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Mobile App Testing Consulting Company

The operative test planning in Mobile Application testing makes profits to improve the quality of Mobile Apps. Desss Mobile assistances mobile app development teams improve each digital practice by offering an automated, cloud-based mobile app testing tool. With Desss you can have continuous digital quality across the web and mobile, and minimize your time to market. The highest companies trust DESSS mobile app testing services. Increase time-to-market, disclose critical issues, and ensure merchandise excellence.

What is Mobile Application Testing and Why it is needed?

In an extremely scrappy and aggressive global market, the mobile development round is of a small period. For the vendor’s composure and awesome task to ensure long-term success, the APP must be tested on a combination of platforms, operating systems, and networks before being launched. Also have an important role in testing non-functional testing like Security testing, usability testing, etc. Successful test planning in Mobile Application testing makes aids to improve the worth of Mobile Apps. Mobile applications are gradually the main channel to relate to clients and end users in a digital economy. Sourcing and vendor management leaders need to navigate thru the difficulty of choosing a mobile application testing service provider most suited to meet business requirements.


Safe mobile applications with greater mobile app testing. As you work to guarantee the security of your mobile applications, the correct mobile app testing solutions can help decrease cost and rapid expansion. The domain of mobile is plenty of opportunity, but, to make an effect, your digital asset needs to be used by millions of users on the whole planet. These consumers are on different devices, operating systems, networks, etc. To keep them satisfied and followers, your users must be pleased and gratified every time they use your app, no matter what. Mobile testing is the ongoing process of testing mobile apps for functionality and applicability. Conventionally, this testing has been both manual and automated but often failed to include the actual user. With mobile, testing should include more than just looking for bugs in the code. User feedback, including analysis of app store reviews, is critical to mobile app excellence. The risks are tremendous: 65% of customers would not buy products from a company after a bad mobile app experience. 


In a hostile development process, it can be problematic to maintain or improve the security of mobile apps – especially when traditional solutions for mobile app testing tend to slow development and add cost. Automated software testing solutions can help by reducing the staff time required for testing web applications, and by inserting security into each level of the mobile app development lifecycle. For a mobile app testing solution that offers multiple techniques for automated code testing, contemplate the group of application security testing tools from DESSS.

Mobile app testing from DESSS includes:

  • Automate your app using real tools & languages.

  • We created a structure that can automate and test any iOS or Android app, native or hybrid, from the UI level down.

  • Automate your app testing on 2,000 real devices in the cloud. Build quality mobile apps quickly and with assurance.

  • We display to you how to expand your testing coverage at the scale  

  • Speed up your DevOps pipeline while improving quality and controlling costs with our cloud-based testing lab.  


Our solutions will enable you to continuously test mobile apps for function, performance, and user engagement and acceptance. DESSS provides application security solutions for a software-driven world. With an extensive range of testing tools unified on a single cloud platform, DESSS enables mobile development teams to easily integrate mobile app testing into the development method. Get a quote here.