Prophet 21 Allows Distributors To Transform Their Business Models And Empower Customers With New Capabilities

Latest Release of Prophet 21 Architecture Helps Distributors

The latest release of Prophet 21 Architecture helps distributors improve productivity!

Prophet 21 provides distribution companies with many features and capabilities. But with many such applications, over time, the P21 application needed to be redesigned to make it more usable in the future. The industry's long-term needs could not be met by the architecture currently in place. This distributor application was reworked to improve its P21 architecture and make it more scalable, interoperable, and accessible.

P21, a cloud-based solution for industry productivity, is a testament to the company's commitment to building best-in-class Industry Cloud solutions to enable distributors to keep up with the changing supply chain landscape. This blog explains how P21 architecture benefits distributors.

Over the past two years, distributors have faced unprecedented challenges including disruption in supply chains and shifting customer expectations regarding digital connectivity. Prophet 21's latest release helps distributors tackle today's problems while optimizing for the future with new cloud-based capabilities that are industry-focused and tailored to their needs. These capabilities help them scale operations and manage complex supply chains.


Prophet 21 Allows Distributors To Transform Their Business Models And Empower Customers With New Capabilities!

The new release was designed to meet the demands of distributors facing fast-paced market disruptions. It leverages modern cloud-ready technologies that streamline customer-centric transactions across all channels and digitalize operations to increase efficiencies.

This latest release contains enhancements to the browser-based Web application. It is optimized for cloud deployment on Microsoft Azure. Distributors are further empowered to take advantage of cloud computing's benefits and transform their businesses to adapt and respond to changing competitive pressures. These innovations provide faster time to value, encourage growth, and allow for a more mobile and productive workforce.


Enterprise Cloud Platform for Large Distributors

Prophet 21 has a new Cloud Enterprise Services package that allows large distributors to have greater control over their global operations and a more secure and scalable cloud platform. The new enterprise cloud services offer more independence, customizable upgrades, increased processing power, greater database access, and premium support.


Flexible Design

This latest release offers new cloud capabilities and a path to customer growth that is easily adaptable to changing needs. The modular design allows components to be easily installed and scaled up independently. This makes it easier to customize and configure Prophet 21. The user experience has improved as information flows between the browser's server and the browser are optimized. This makes it faster to retrieve information and easier to manage data. The company's commitment is strengthened by this release, which includes enhanced functionality regarding tax changes and regulatory requirements.

Prophet 21's latest release focuses on cloud momentum. This ensures that functionality and performance are at their best as distributors begin their digital transformation. Prophet 21 allows customers the freedom to concentrate on what is most important to them: to increase efficiency, grow revenue, or make better strategic decisions.

Prophet 21's latest edition features an enhancement that includes ERM. This innovative cloud-based solution integrates seamlessly with Prophet 21. It allows distributors to generate new revenue and extend their relationships with customers who are looking for a compelling rental option.

Distributors can now manage their rental assignments and scheduling from start to finish with ease thanks to this integration. The latest release includes a variety of enhancements and new capabilities to help distributors overcome any potential obstacles to growth and increase productivity.



  • Epicor Virtual Agent is a new digital agent that works across the enterprise using artificial intelligence. It processes commands and provides recommendations based on user behavior.
  • Mobile Proof of Delivery is a mobile companion that Prophet 21 offers. It enables greater service responsiveness and allows for faster pick-ups and deliveries. Epicor Kinetic Design is used to modernize this feature to give users the mobility and superior experience that they need to be more productive.
  • TrackAbout is a new integration that allows industrial gas distributors and welders to track and manage portable returnable assets like cylinders or containers. It eliminates the manual work that can be associated with separate asset and business tracking systems.

A proven ERP platform is essential for distributors. It will help them grow and position them for future success. The solution combines industry-specific functionality with ease of use, extensibility and cloud deployment to meet their needs. Prophet 21's latest version allows distributors to innovate with greater insight, efficiency, scale, and new power to fuel growth in the digital age.

It provides Prophet 21 users with enhanced mobility, accessibility, and interactivity between business applications. It serves as an application builder and connector, giving distributors access to the most recent applications and technical capabilities while still allowing them to take advantage of Prophet 21's distribution functionality.

The new version allows Field sales reps to manage their opportunities from their smartphones while executives can use spreadsheets to analyze financial data. Anyone can search Prophet 21 using a search engine, all without ever needing to log in to the Prophet 21 application.

These are just a few of the capabilities offered by prophet 21 Latest Architecture:

  • Enterprise Search - A search engine that gives remote employees access to all Prophet 21 data via one search field.
  • Dashboards - An application that allows distributors and users to send out dashboards with user-specific information from Prophet 21 on mobile devices, such as smartphones, tablets, or any other Web browser-enabled device.
  • Business Activity Queries – This tool allows point-and-click access to Prophet 21's data tables for mapping data to other applications using drag-and-drop simplicity.


Latest Version of Prophet 21

In order to create a more stable and accessible platform, improvements were made to both the client as well as the architecture in general. The new architecture was able to add a new layer, which is called "the "Middleware Server," that acts in the role of an intermediary for both clients and the database and is the base for API-based interactions.

The logic that had formerly existed in the “fat client” desktop version was moved into the middleware layer. This architecture closely resembles server-based architecture. Communication happens with the help of the Secure Socket Layer (SSL) protocol. This allows you to connect without the need for direct access to the network or a VPN connection. A web connection and an SSL certificate are all you need to connect.

Beyond the API benefits, another benefit of this version comes from performance, as the middleware server supports as much as twice as many clients as can be supported by a terminal server with the traditional fat client. For customers with higher user counts, Prophet 21’s new architecture supports multiple load-balanced middleware servers.


Know the Client Types!

From a client interaction view, two new options were advanced to support the latest architecture:

  • Web Client: The web client is a browser-based capability that allows customers to access their system from a PC, a tab or a mobile device.
  • Hybrid Client: The hybrid client sees the requirements of customers who like the look and feel of a traditional desktop application, but wish to access the capabilities and features of the latest web client. The hybrid client installs like a normal Windows application, and connects directly to the middleware server, without the use of a browser.
  • Desktop ClientPrimarily, web clients required some of the functionality available with the traditional client, making things like screen modifications difficult to achieve without a traditional client. But as Epicor advances the capabilities of the web client, these changes have fallen off; the latest P21 features and capabilities will be available only in the web and hybrid clients.

Epicor will gradually drift away from traditional desktop applications. It will no longer develop and release new versions of the desktop client. Also, it will no longer release resolutions for the desktop client. For Prophet 21 customers, this will require all users to migrate to the new architecture, both to retain support and to take advantage of the benefits of the latest releases.

The outcome for P21 customers is clear they can migrate to the latest architecture or else toil on the legacy platform, in an unaltered and unsupported state. In making this change, there are a few additional concerns to be made relative to the Prophet 21 deployment options available.

Customers may choose Epicor’sSaaS solution and retain their application under Epicor’s control. This results in making two important changes, and many customers may not be adequately confident in Epicor’sSaaS solution to make the change. For customers suspected of SaaS, but looking for cloud options to hold their new P21 architecture, private cloud hosting for ERP combines the new architecture with P21’s full functionality, without the hardware investments that come with an on-premise install.

Shifting to the cloud with Prophet 21 on Azure takes away the cost and burden of maintaining servers and allows you to completely focus on the business. With the latest version of Prophet 21, you are able to access the system anywhere, making things stress-free for our employees and enabling them to be more productive.

Prophet 21’s capabilities include enhanced mobility, accessibility, and interactivity.