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Global Shop Solutions composes, maintains and sells Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software to the manufacturing industry. Cloud technology transform the interface of the business. Now, The fast-growing, middle manufacturers can be at the same level with larger, global companies because now can access shop floor data to the nutrition they respond fast the client. Global Shop Solutions offers a ERP software to help customers thru manufacturing companies of any sizes. The modular application embrace independent modules for customer relationship management, inventory management, accounting, scheduling, job costing, supple project management, designing, and others


Global Shop Solutions ERP progressing and preparing component support manufacturing teams to sight shop resources. With precise time console and reporting element, shop managers can have distinct on present positions and settled actions. The built-in CRM execution allows businesses to categorize new prospects, route opportunities and process prospects skillfully.


ERP software system allows accurate directory, on time delivery, direct perfect value, insignificant administrative charges, increased deals and better customer service.

DESSS Applying Technologies is a company resource planning software that provides to any size business an exclusive platform to manage their manufacturing actions. Including directory management, development, and accounting execution. One of the most important DESSS objectives is delivering a complete and all include friendly ERP solution for manufacturers.  



Absolutely integrated manufacturing and accounting ERP set

Web-accessible scheduling spans a range of industries

Integral report module, which allows users to simply create reports on the fly

CRM modules allow for a simple integration of financial responsibilities, sales operations and employees oversight without needful extra software

Document control module offers basic file storage and editing tools



Complex customization aptitudes can make the platform time-consuming to implement

Many players in the market than some of its larger competitors.



  • Capacity Planning Software
  • Mobile CRM Software Enables Remote Access to Customer Database
  • Quality Control
  • Lower labor and material costs
  • Shortened cycle times
  • Planning & Scheduling
  • Lower setup cost
  • Customer Appropriateness Medium Size (251-1000 Employees) Small Business (1-250 Employees)
  • Manufacturing Software Customizable
  • Preventative Maintenance
  • Superior customer service
  • Elimination of manual spreadsheets
  • System Hosting Cloud Installed on Premise
  • Reduced administrative overhead
  • Platforms: Cloud-Based (Saas), MS SQL Server, ODBC Compliant
  • Multi-Currency  
  • Accurate inventory tracking
  • Distinct Manufacturing Software
  • A Manufacturing Road Map
  • Project Management
  • Multi-Language

Other features include document management, project management, and accounting competencies. To update accounting activity, Global Shop Solutions allowances user’s rapid and central access to accounts receivable, accounts payable, payroll and budgeting data. Besides, by promoting customizable reporting, Global Shop Solutions allows for detailed project management.

The ERP solution also attempt strong business intelligence services for testing the health of manufacturing system; estimating business data directly, and making precise verdicts. Global Shop Solutions also join with CAD and other engineering programs to synchronize information between applications right from the initial project stage.

DESSS offers pioneering structures that embrace cooperative and mobile applications. This helps you guarantee client pleasure, growing incomes and improve processes.