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Mintigo supports marketing leaders such as Oracle, Neustar, SolarWinds, and Red Hat to determine, target and engross buyers faster with analytical marketing.


Mintigo’s Predictive Marketing Platform for enterprise allows insight-driven customer commitment to win and retain clients.

.Mintigo collects thousands of data points on millions of companies around the world, like financials, staff and hiring trends, technologies installed, marketing channels used, and purchase intent. Joint with data in your marketing automation platform or CRM are used in analytical models to find maximum value customers or leads that make them exclusive compared to the rest of your records.

Mintigo nonstop searches the whole world web for millions of B2B organizations and contacts to discover thousands of attributes such as technologies in use, social influences, department sizes, and firmographic data. Using predictive analytics and machine learning with your customer and Mintigo data, Mintigo discovers your Customer soul  – a bite of qualities that make up your ideal customer profile. Mintigo extracts analytical intelligence that you can't get in another place.

Predictive marketing and sales technology firm Mintigo has developed technology for adding actionable sales intelligence into SAP's C4C. The new technology integrates Mintigo's predictive analytics and Artificial Intelligence into SAP C4C cloud-based customer response management system.

The technology is designed for those businesses who have not before been able to utilize prognostic marketing fully for sales to increase their income. 

Mintigo's technology is designed at letting SAP C4C and SAP Hybris Marketing users, such as Insight, to deliver sales departments with intelligent client profile information allowing more significant conversations with leads and clients.

Almost instantly, Mintigo Predictive Audiences scores your account list based on the tendency to close, deal size, and other goals. Your whole list will be ranked from A-D, with forecast lifts in success rates for accounts in each rank.

Mintigo’s Predictive Marketing Platform permits marketers to easily build predictive models to see any marketing need, fastenable predictive lead scoring, and enrichment for Marketo, Eloqua, and

Trying to integrate an artificial intelligence platform into an SAP software is an extremely time-consuming process, due to its very technical nature. "Taking the time to build this integration was very important to us," says Jacob Shama, CEO of Mintigo. "It's very rewarding to be able to give our customer insights and other businesses using SAP C4C and HANA the tools they need to grow through predictive analytics and AI."