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SOAP stands for Simple Object Access Protocol, and is a lightweight protocol to evoke methods on servers, services, and objects. Soap utilizes XML technology to construct an extensible messaging framework containing a message construct that is used to exchange messages over computer networks. Soap not only supports XML but also supports HTTP as a method invocation mechanism.



Simple Object Access Protocol:

DESSS enables the use of SOAP protocol in developing web-based applications by using XML web services. DESSS Soap/XML web services are growing open, extensible way for applications to communicate over the internet by using XML-based messaging. In addition to this, DESSS is facilitating universal communication by defining a simple, extensible message format in standard XML and thereby providing a way to send that XML message over the web. Regardless of what operating system, object model or language we are using in the application, soap provides a cohesive way to communicate through the internet. By utilizing the existing internet infrastructure, DESSS is creating a way for widely distributed, complex computing environments that run over the Internet.

DESSS building the websites which are familiar to transmit data or communicating with each other through the web in a very rich way. DESSS enables robust, secure, interoperable web services on the internet. XML web services along with Soap protocol makes your application to go smooth in the web communication.Reach us now.