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Technology Translation Consulting Company


At DESSS, we rise much above a translation agency. We establish a strong relationship with our clients and render the required technology translation services by a team of qualified, tested, and accepted linguists who work 24/7 to create multilingual excellent, deliverables. The greatest strength of our expert team is that they are native speakers holding relevant degrees and expertise so that they can bring the flavor of the language into the translated documents.

Technical / Technology translation services


We offer the following technology translation services:

  • We localize and adapt software, files, multimedia presentations, videos, and other media to a foreign language.

  • We have experts who can design and develop optimized websites for foreign languages.

  • Our experts can create websites that will be optimized to manage and integrate multilingual information.

  • Our experts work on ASP, PHP, and XML to provide a complete information management solution that can easily integrate with our translation processes.

  • User-friendly administrative interfaces will allow source language updates anytime, from anywhere.

  • We offer multilingual consulting services in project management, web development, and integration.

Why should you choose us?

  • We are in the translation industry for more than 15 years.

  • Using cutting-edge technologies, we can provide the best technical translation services.

  • We combine efficiency and simplicity to provide the best foreign language products.

  • With the help of computer-aided translation tools, we provide consistent translation services.

If you are in search of technical services, call us @ (713) 589-6496 or Contact us